264 She Was His Idol!

    The man's mind had gone blank as he stared at the computer screen in silence.

    "What happened?" one of the organizers asked after a few seconds.

    "Did you find it?" Lin Yan asked softly.

    "Yes... I found it..."

    The man instinctively swallowed his saliva as he answered before he turned to Lin Yan.

    Displayed on the computer screen was Yeva's photo.

    Her name and face were exactly the same as the girl sitting before him.

    As a loyal fan of the Race Track's Grim Reaper Yeva, he knew how mysterious she was. She had never revealed her face. Only her apprentices knew who she was.


    The organizers, who were surprised, rounded the table to look at the screen.

    The man noticed them and unconsciously used his cup to block Lin Yan's photo and the name Yeva.

    The organizers' eyes trailed to the screen.

    'First level of the international competition. Chinese Name: Lin Yan.'

    The organizers were shocked when they read the description. They immediately turned to face Lin Yan again.

    "Lin... Miss Lin, you really have a license..." None of them could believe it.

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. "I stayed overseas for some time and I got the license out of convenience."

    "Out of convenience..."

    They all looked stunned when they heard Lin Yan.

    This girl possessed an international competition license. A first-level license.

    International competitions, which were the most glorious competitions, were split into three levels.

    The best team in the country had only managed to get into the third level of the international competition. Nevertheless, this was enough for them to flaunt and boast.

    However, this girl had a first-level international competition license!

    After confirming the authenticity of Lin Yan's license, the man turned off his computer without hesitation. He stole a furtive glance at Lin Yan, his heart thumping.

    What was going on? How could this be possible?

    This girl was his idol!

    The Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva...

    One of the organizers glanced at Lin Yan, looking a little excited. "Miss Lin, did you participate in the first level as a navigator? Which racer did you work with?"

    "I didn't." Lin Yan denied this.

    "You didn't?" The organizer was dumbfounded.

    "I didn't participate in the first level as a navigator," explained Lin Yan.

    She had always been a racer. She had simply gotten the navigator's license out of convenience. She had never actually been a navigator.


    They glanced at each other as they wondered quietly. She had never participated in the international competition? Then, this license wasn't really worth much.

    "What about the second level of the international competition? Miss Lin, you must have worked with a racer before. Who was he?" the man pressed on.

    "I didn't." Lin Yan shrugged.

    "What about the third level..."

    "I didn't."

    The organizers were speechless...

    "So Miss Lin, you merely possess a navigator's license, but you have never been a navigator in an international competition? Is that right?"

    "Yeah, I have not." Lin Yan nodded.

    When they heard Lin Yan admitting this, their excitement turned into disappointment in a split second.
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