265 Not Even a Tiny Wave

    "Miss Lin, in that case, have you ever participated in any major competitions as a navigator?"

    Lin Yan denied it once again. "Actually, I haven't... This is my first time being a navigator."

    Disappointment flashed across everyone's eyes when they heard Lin Yan's response.

    Actually, there was only a handful of people who had succeeded in getting a navigator's license for the first level of the international competition. There was also a difference between those who had the license and those who participated in actual competitions.

    Anyone who had the navigator's license was qualified to participate in the first level of the international competition. However, this did not necessarily mean that the international competition would accept them.

    Being qualified and being capable enough was not the same.

    In the organizers' opinion, if the woman present had participated in any level of the international competition, her value and status would be substantially elevated. Alas, she hadn't participated in any competitions whatsoever.

    Nevertheless, since she had qualified to get the navigator's license, she had to be among the best navigators.

    "Miss Lin, this is my advice to you. Since this is your first competition, you should participate in major competitions. Given your qualifications and expertise, you should be matched with a professional top racer to showcase your capability. As far as He Lefeng from the He family is concerned... the disparity between you two is too big. The result of the race doesn't depend on the navigator but on the racer's skills." One of the organizers peered at Lin Yan while speaking patiently.

    "Yeah, Miss Lin. Despite your international competition license, your career will be affected if you lose your first competition... There is still time if you want to withdraw," another person implored earnestly.

    This was the first time they had met someone with a professional navigator's license for the first level of the international competition.

    However, no matter how professional the navigator was, he or she had to be matched with a good racer. There was no way a miracle could happen.

    Any professional navigator should carefully choose the right racer.

    A top professional navigator would be wasted if they were paired with a lousy racer.

    A navigator's role was to help and assist the racer to maximize his potential. A racer like He Lefeng had limited potential. So what if he did his best? What result could he possibly produce?

    "He Lefeng... is my cousin..." Lin Yan muttered awkwardly.

    "Cousin... So this is... I see!"

    Enlightenment struck them when they finally understood why Lin Yan had agreed to be He Lefeng's navigator.

    However... How could they do this?

    The fact that this girl had never participated in any competitions aside, even an experienced navigator who had taken part in the international competition wouldn't be able to lead the He family team to victory.

    If this was described visually, a navigator would be the ocean, while the racer would be the fish swimming in the ocean.

    A brilliant navigator paired with a top racer would be the equivalent of the ocean and a whale.

    What if she were matched with He Lefeng, though?

    Sorry, but that was a joke.

    He Lefeng was like a seaweed who couldn't even create a ripple. How would he be able to stir up a storm?

    Of course, this was Lin Yan's family affair. The organizers were in no position to comment too much.

    How could they say that it was a joke that she was paired with her cousin and that she should change racer?
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