266 Can You Give Me Your Autograph?

    Lin Yan sighed heavily to herself. Why was being a navigator so troublesome?

    "Miss Lin, you may participate in the competition. Apologies for causing you any inconvenience." One of the organizers apologized earnestly to Lin Yan.

    This girl possessed the license of the first level of the international competition. How could they treat her lightly? Even though she hadn't participated in any competitions before, her capability had been proven!

    Lin Yan rose from her seat when the organizers left the room.

    "Miss Lin, please hold on!"

    Before Lin Yan could walk out, the man who had checked her license called out to her.

    "Huh? What's wrong?" She halted and spun around, looking puzzled.

    "Hold on!"

    He surveyed his surroundings and made sure they were alone before he shut the door.

    Lin Yan was speechless... What was he trying to do?

    The bespectacled man eyed Lin Yan with excitement in his eyes. "You... You are... the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva!"

    Lin Yan's expression faltered a little when she heard him.

    How had he found out?

    "Me?" Lin Yan grinned. "You got the wrong person."

    "Miss Lin... Have you ever checked your international competition license?" he asked.

    Lin Yan instinctively shook her head. Ever since she had won her second championship at the first level of the international competition and gotten her license, she had never thought about it again.

    "Miss Lin, your information on the website states your Chinese name... and your English name..." the man explained as his eyes gleamed.

    Lin Yan slapped her forehead when she heard him.

    She had just remembered that she had used her name, Yeva, to apply for her license.

    "Don't worry, Miss Lin. I'm your loyal fan! I know that you don't reveal your face in public. Earlier, I hid your details from my colleagues!"

    The man's eyes were sparkling with admiration and hope as he gazed at Lin Yan.

    "Oh, really... Thank you so much!" Lin Yan smiled gratefully at the man.

    The man shivered in excitement when he heard Lin Yan thanking him. Everything had been worth it!

    "Idol! Do you have the contact number of God Lang Mang and Death Knight?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "No, no! I'm sorry! I got too excited... I wanted your contact number. Can I buy you dinner? No, no! Just give me an autograph!" The man stuffed a pen in Lin Yan's hands before he rummaged in his drawer for a shirt that Lin Yan could sign on.


    Seconds later, he hugged the shirt as though it was a priceless gem. He was so ecstatic that he could dance.

    "Idol! You haven't been competing recently. I remember you saying that you would compete again! When will that be? I read on many forums that you've been banned. It must be a rumor!" said the man.

    He reeled off once more, depriving Lin Yan of the chance to speak. "Oh yeah! Do you know a celebrity called Wei Xufeng? He is a die-hard fan of yours too! Wei Xufeng will be here tonight... If he knew..."
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