267 I Want to Apply For Leave to Watch the Competition

    Lin Yan hushed the man before he could finish.

    "It's a secret... It's a secret!" Lin Yan reminded him.

    She'd had a taste of how clingy Wei Xufeng could be. If he really knew...

    "Oh yeah! Secret!" The man nodded fervently.

    Of course, he would keep her identity a secret. However, if others found out, it wouldn't be his fault.

    "Idol! I have an unreasonable request... Can I have your contact information?" The man stared at Lin Yan, looking jittery and nervous.

    He was having a conversation with the racing legend herself, Yeva! Not only that, but he even felt bold enough to ask her for her contact information!

    This world was really crazy...

    Lin Yan wrote down a random number for him. "You can buy me dinner soon! I need to go!"

    She turned on her heel and swept out of the office swiftly.

    The man was about to faint from happiness as he stared at the paper in his hand.

    His idol had given him her number!

    The man whipped out his phone and dialed a number. "Hello... I want to apply for leave! What... you won't approve it? Then treat it as if I'm skipping work. I want to watch the competition today!"


    Meanwhile, at the race track...

    He Lefeng and He Dingkun were looking solemn and somber.

    "Sister Yan?"

    Lin Yan strolled over to them slowly.

    "Don't worry, everything will go as planned," replied Lin Yan.

    He Lefeng and He Dingkun were both startled to hear her.

    Old Tang looked rather bitter when he heard her. This girl really had a navigator's license!

    Never mind, this would be the He family team's last race.

    "Look how insignificant this misunderstanding was!" Old Tang chuckled and said, "Alright then, let's not waste time. The competition is about to start."

    He turned around and left.

    He Lefeng heaved a huge sigh of relief when he was gone. "Sister Yan, you gave me such a scare!"

    "Xiaoyan, are you sure everything is fine?" The old master frowned at Lin Yan.

    "Grandfather, don't worry." Lin Yan smiled cheerfully at him.

    "Okay, that's good." He Dingkun nodded and turned to He Lefeng. "Go and get Mingkai. It's time to get into the car."


    At the same time, outside the venue...

    A sports car slowly pulled to the side and stopped.

    Wei Xufeng, who was wearing shades and a mask, got out of his car.

    He was known to be a racing enthusiast who was interested in car teams and competitions. As long as he had the time, he would watch competitions personally.

    "You're here."

    The bespectacled man strode quickly over to him.

    "Aren't you working today?" Wei Xufeng asked as he studied him.

    "I'm skipping work!" replied the man.

    "Oh? Didn't you declare that you wanted to contribute to the racing arena? Are you giving up this fast? Life isn't easy indeed..." Wei Xufeng grinned at him.

    "What do you know? I'm skipping work to watch the competition!" the man hissed.

    "Didn't you also say that you had no interest in these competitions?" Wei Xufeng glanced at him.

    "I... You have no idea... Actually..." The man stammered and decided to clam up.

    "What's wrong?" Wei Xufeng was bewildered by his behavior.
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