268 Way Too Much Alike!

    The man stared at Wei Xufeng, his words choking in his mouth.

    "Qi Shaoyuan, just spill the beans. Don't I know you well enough? How could you possibly keep a secret?" Wei Xufeng scoffed lightly.

    "It's a secret! It's a secret! I can't tell you because I promised her. I can never tell anyone!" The man looked as though he was in agony.

    Wei Xufeng's eyes gleamed with suspicion.

    Many years ago, Wei Xufeng had met Qi Shaoyuan at the VIP stand during the first level of an international competition.

    Subsequently, the two of them had become friends and watched competitions together. Wei Xufeng knew Qi Shaoyuan too well. He was a big blabbermouth who couldn't keep a secret. He couldn't even keep his own secrets.

    "F*ck! Qi Shaoyuan..."

    "Stop asking me! If I say it, it won't be a secret anymore!" He shook his head with determination. "If you're my friend, then stop pressing me. If I really say it, I won't be a worthy fan anymore!"

    Wei Xufeng was speechless...

    "Get lost, you lunatic." Wei Xufeng eyed him in disdain and turned around. Then, he closed his car door and strode away.

    Qi Shaoyuan yelled after him. "Hey, wait for me! I skipped work today!"


    Meanwhile, in the waiting room...

    All three teams were ready. He Dingkun was reminding He Mingkai and the rest their strategy.

    "Remember. Your task today is to help Mingkai. Block the rest of the cars!" He Dingkun said.

    "Especially Xiaofeng." He Xiong glanced at He Lefeng. "Remember this. She is just a figurehead, which means you don't have a navigator so you have to be extra focused!"

    He Lefeng nodded promptly.

    He Xiong turned to eye Lin Yan coldly. "Remember, don't speak to Xiaofeng in the car. You can do whatever you want, but if you dare affect Xiaofeng's performance and drag Mingkai down, I will make you suffer!"

    Lin Yan snorted coldly when she heard him. He Lefeng hastily interjected before she could retort. "Uncle, don't worry! Sister Yan won't affect me!"

    "Good," answered He Xiong.

    "Cut the nonsense and go to the starting point now." He Dingkun dismissed all of them.


    They all reached the starting point shortly.

    Several drones were flying above them, as this was an outdoor venue. There was no stand for the spectators. Instead, the spectators would be watching the race through the images sent by the drones.

    "Get in the car," commanded He Dingkun.

    All the racers got into their respective cars quickly.

    Lin Yan, who was holding her helmet in her hand, slowly raised it to put it on her head.

    Many of the spectators were drawn to her unexpectedly at that moment.

    She was wearing a silver-colored uniform with a matching helmet. Even her car was silver...

    Her figure resembled someone that they remembered...

    He Dingkun gazed absent-mindedly at his granddaughter with a mixture of surprise and fondness.

    Why hadn't he realized how much his granddaughter resembled the Race Track's Grim Reaper, the very racer he admired so much? She looked even more like her after she put on her helmet... They were way too much alike...

    At the same time, in the VIP room...

    Wei Xufeng had just settled comfortably in a chair when his attention was drawn to the TV screen.


    Wei Xufeng fell into a reverie.
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