269 Constantly Comparing Oneself to Others Will Only Make One Angry

    Wei Xufeng's gaze and attention were drawn to the screen. There were traces of suspicion in his eyes as he frowned.

    "Boss..." Wei Xufeng muttered under his breath.

    'Boss' was the nickname that Yeva's fans had given her.

    "Ha ha... How was it? Were you surprised? Are you excited? Are you feeling overwhelmed?" Qi Shaoyuan sat down next to Wei Xufeng and exclaimed gleefully.

    Wei Xufeng turned around and shot a look at Qi Shaoyuan. "She resembles Boss, but to be frank, this is boring..."

    Many teams liked to use the color silver, so it was very common in the country. There were many racers who liked to imitate Yeva's style.

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless...

    "Who is that?" Wei Xufeng pointed at Lin Yan, who was on the screen.

    Qi Shaoyuan quipped, "Who do you think?"

    "A new member of the He family team?" asked Wei Xufeng.

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless...

    What else could he possibly say she was? Should he lecture Wei Xufeng about the fact that he couldn't recognize Yeva, the Race Track's Grim Reaper?

    However, he couldn't really blame Wei Xufeng. It would be hard for anyone to believe that Yeva would appear there today and certainly harder to imagine that she would participate in such a competition that was beneath her status and ability.

    "Forget it." Qi Shaoyuan sighed to himself. "She is He Lefeng's new navigator."

    Wei Xufeng nodded and didn't continue the conversation. He turned his attention back to the screen.

    "Can you explain why there hasn't been any news of Boss for such a long time? Do you reckon Boss won't be participating in the next international competition?"

    It had barely been two minutes before Wei Xufeng started to talk once more.

    "How would I know? Perhaps she is right under your nose?" Qi Shaoyuan sat up as he peered at Wei Xufeng.

    "Under my nose?" Wei Xufeng frowned as he pondered this. "Do you mean... that Boss is Chinese?"

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless...

    He had given him an obvious hint.

    "Definitely Chinese." Qi Shaoyuan nodded.

    "That might not be true. She could be from another country," replied Wei Xufeng airily.

    "I am very sure she is Chinese. If Boss isn't Chinese, I will bang my head to death." Qi Shaoyuan was a little agitated as he spoke. "Besides, haven't you met her before?"

    Wei Xufeng sighed heavily. "Boss was wearing a mask, so I couldn't see her features properly... But I am sure that she is a ravishing beauty! Other than me, I don't think any other fan has seen her face!"

    "No one else has seen her face?"

    Qi Shaoyuan scoffed coldly at Wei Xufeng.

    Not only had he met Boss, but he had also seen her real face! He had even spoken to Boss and she had allowed him to treat her to dinner! He had helped her and Boss had thanked him!

    Most importantly, Boss had given him her contact number!

    "As the saying goes, constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry." Qi Shaoyuan sighed and gave Wei Xufeng a meaningful glance.

    Wei Xufeng glanced at Qi Shaoyuan and smiled. "Don't give up hope. Perhaps, one day... you will be able to contact Boss. Someday... Don't despair."

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless...

    He was the one who pitied Wei Xufeng, not the other way around! This idiot still couldn't get the situation right.

    What a pity that Wei Xufeng hadn't seen Boss's face. She was right within his reach, yet he had no idea...

    Qi Shaoyuan wanted to tell him but he had promised Boss earlier that he would keep her identity a secret... Unfortunately, he really had a hard time keeping this secret... His chest was hurting...
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