270 A Fight Between the Fans!

    Qi Shaoyuan wanted to reveal everything so that he could mock Wei Xufeng!

    If this had been someone else's secret, or even his own, he would have spilled it! However, this was Boss' secret!

    No way, he definitely couldn't do it! He would rather die than say it. He could only give hints!


    "The He family is definitely going to lose," Wei Xufeng suddenly concluded as he glanced at Qi Shaoyuan.

    Qi Shaoyuan, who was slightly startled by his remarks, shook his head firmly. "B*ll**! They will win!"

    Wei Xufeng scoffed at Qi Shaoyuan coldly. "Old Tang's team is the strongest. Besides, the He family team has never won before. You have to factor in the fact that He Lefeng just changed his navigator as well. The two of them don't even have any rapport. The He family team will lose."

    He was known for being a die-hard racing fan. If he couldn't even analyze this, then all these years of painstaking research on the various racing teams and competitions would have been in vain.

    "Don't be so sure! Let's have a bet. I bet on the He family. If they manage to win, I want Boss' autographed photo!" Qi Shaoyuan replied hurriedly.

    Wei Xufeng had a treasured autographed photo of Yeva. He had displayed it at home for him to admire. No one else could touch it, yet Qi Shaoyuan had been coveting it for a long time.

    "Ha! You want to have the autographed photo? Sure, but what will you bet in return?" Wei Xufeng smirked.

    "Boss' autographed shirt!" Qi Shaoyuan exclaimed aloud.

    "Autographed shirt?" Wei Xufeng was dumbfounded as he cried out, "You have something like that?"

    "Of course!" Qi Shaoyuan rose instantly and walked over to Wei Xufeng. He pointed to his back and proudly declared, "Look!"

    Instinctively, Wei Xufeng stood up and walked around to face his back.

    "It's definitely fake!" he concluded after several seconds.

    "B*ll**! Look at it properly! Isn't that Boss' handwriting?" shouted Qi Shaoyuan.

    How dare he claim that it was fake! How could he tolerate that?

    Wei Xufeng studied Qi Shaoyuan's shirt once more and inhaled deeply a few times as he contemplated...

    It wasn't fake...

    This was indeed Boss' handwriting.

    Wei Xufeng had an autographed photo, and she had signed on his body as well. Hence, he was really familiar with Yeva's handwriting.


    Wei Xufeng suddenly leaped to his feet as he tried to tug Qi Shaoyuan's shirt off.

    "What are you doing? Are you trying to rob me?" Qi Shaoyuan hastily turned around and retreated.

    "Where did you get it?" Wei Xufeng narrowed his eyes at Qi Shaoyuan, jealousy blazing in his gaze.

    He had spent so much money to bid for a necklace at a charity dinner. Then, he had finally met her and asked for an autograph. However, he'd had no paper with him, and the material of his shirt couldn't be signed on. Thus, she had to sign on his waist. He had spent so much effort and time to get her autographed photo. How dare Qi Shaoyuan get an autographed shirt so effortlessly!

    No way... He couldn't tolerate this!

    Wei Xufeng was curious. If Qi Shaoyuan had an autographed shirt signed by Boss, he would have bragged to the entire world about it. How had he been able to keep it a secret?

    "Be careful! If you damage it, I will fight you!" Qi Shaoyuan hurriedly took off his shirt to inspect it. After making sure that it was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief. The ink might still smudge, as she had signed it not long ago!

    "Hold on... Why does it look like... it's freshly signed?" Wei Xufeng got suspicious.

    "Why do you care? As long as it's real, that's all that matters." Qi Shaoyuan gave him a smug grin.
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