272 Listen to My Commands

    Qi Shaoyuan scratched his nose and shook his head. "Why should I remove it? It's still mine for now."

    "I'm asking you one more time. Are you going to remove it or not?" Wei Xufeng eyed Qi Shaoyuan with a commanding look, as though that shirt was his.

    "No way, I will never remove it!" Qi Shaoyuan hissed.

    Wei Xufeng jumped to his feet and attacked Qi Shaoyuan as he cried, "If you don't want to remove it, let me help you!"

    Qi Shaoyuan protested. "Wei Xufeng, stop! Damn it!"


    At the same time, at the starting point...

    "Get ready!"

    When He Dingkun gave the command, everyone got inside their respective cars.

    Lin Yan strode to the front passenger seat. For a few minutes, she didn't manage to open the door.

    The old master frowned and thought to himself, 'She can't even open the car door?'

    He Xiong smirked coldly. "What an embarrassment!"

    "Sister Yan, you..."

    He Lefeng watched Lin Yan helplessly.

    "Open the door for me," replied Lin Yan stiffly.

    It was the first time she was trying to open such a lousy car door...

    He Lefeng was speechless too...

    He removed his seatbelt and helped Lin Yan with the door.

    She finally managed to get inside the car.

    He Lefeng put on his seatbelt once more before he told Lin Yan, "Sister Yan, put on your seatbelt."

    When everything was ready, He Lefeng gripped the steering wheel nervously. He looked ahead as he waited for the signal.

    "Don't be nervous." Lin Yan comforted He Lefeng softly.

    "Sister Yan... I'm not nervous!" replied He Lefeng shakily.

    "You're sweating profusely." Lin Yan took out a tissue and wiped the sweat on his face.

    He was a racer, yet he had begun to sweat before the race had even started?

    "Adjust your rearview mirror," Lin Yan reminded him gently.

    "Oh... yeah! I almost forgot!" He Lefeng hurriedly adjusted his mirror.

    Then, a gun was fired and he saw the flag being waved.


    Almost all the cars flew out at the same time at top speed.


    He Lefeng cursed under his breath and stomped hard on his accelerator.


    He Lefeng was a little slow at the start of the race. To make things worse, his skills were average. Hence, he was currently trailing behind all the cars.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    His skills and techniques were unbearable.

    The race was taking place on a mountain, so the roads were complicated. He Lefeng's eyes darted busily to the left and right, yet he didn't dare to increase his speed.

    "Increase your speed to the maximum," Lin Yan instructed him coldly.

    "Huh... Sister Yan, don't give me commands! It's dangerous!" He Lefeng unconsciously blurted out.

    "Maximize your speed. Don't make me repeat myself," chided Lin Yan.

    "Sister Yan..." He Lefeng turned to her.

    "Don't look at me! Look ahead!" Lin Yan frowned in disapproval.

    "Oh!" He Lefeng sighed heavily as he stepped hard on the accelerator.

    A few seconds later, He Lefeng's car sped towards a winding road.

    He suddenly saw a car that belonged to Old Tang's team. It immediately slowed down before it entered a winding road.

    He Lefeng instinctively slowed down when he saw the winding road too.

    "Increase your speed to the maximum," Lin Yan instructed him once again.

    "Sister Yan, that's a winding road!" exclaimed He Lefeng anxiously.

    "Stop talking and listen to my commands. Just focus on the accelerator and control your direction." Lin Yan frowned at him.

    She had totally transformed into another person as soon as the race had started.
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