273 He Will Be Revived!

    In the official broadcast room, old master He Dingkun sighed as he watched He Lefeng's performance on the screen.

    He Xiong shook his head and said quietly, "Dad, don't blame Xiaofeng. After all, he doesn't have a navigator. There is nothing he or we could do if he ended up last."

    He Dingkun sighed heavily and shook his head in disappointment. "We can only count on the rest of them to help Mingkai shake off the others and make a path for him..."

    He had decided to ignore He Lefeng's car, as he had lost all hope.

    "Dad, rest assured, Mingkai will be fine." He Xiong smiled at his father.


    In the third VIP room, all the ZH1 team members were watching the race intently.

    "What the... He Lefeng is really hopeless. It's such a waste that Miss Lin is his navigator. He is definitely going to finish last."

    "Exactly! He was slower than the rest even at the starting point. He doesn't even dare to increase his speed. How will he be able to catch up? I foresee that he will still be on his first round when the rest have finished two!"

    "This is too bad for Miss Lin. No matter how good a racer she is, this is out of her control. After all, she is the navigator during this race."

    Mumu smiled and agreed. "What could she possibly do? Lin Yan is an excellent racer, but her role as a navigator is to help and assist the racer. If the racer is dreadful, what can she do?"


    In the second VIP room, Wei Xufeng eyed the screen, the corners of his mouth curling into a smug smile. "Judging from the current situation, the He family team will finish last. He Mingkai is the fastest among them, but there are three more racers in front of him."

    Qi Shaoyuan hissed coldly. "Why are you so impatient? He Lefeng's car will be revived!"

    "Revived?" Wei Xufeng shot Qi Shaoyuan a long calculating look. "He is last right now. Will he use his own life to be revived?"

    "I don't care! If I say he can make it, he will!" Qi Shaoyuan yelled in frustration.

    Wei Xufeng was speechless...

    Was this fellow out of his mind?


    Meanwhile, on the mountain roads...

    He Lefeng's silver car slowed down.

    "Increase your speed," Lin Yan instructed him sharply.

    "Sister Yan, there's a winding road ahead!" exclaimed He Lefeng anxiously.

    "I'm asking you to increase your speed!" Lin Yan glanced at He Lefeng coldly.

    If he continued to do this, he might as well admit defeat right away.

    It didn't matter whether his techniques were lacking. He just had to obey her!

    If he didn't obey and listen, then he would definitely lose.

    "Alright then..."

    He Lefeng had no idea why, but Lin Yan struck fear in him right now.


    As he stepped on the accelerator, his car zoomed ahead at maximum speed towards the rest of the cars ahead.

    "Sister Yan, look at the winding roads! This is very dangerous!" Rationality hit He Lefeng and made him doubt himself.

    "Listen to my instructions." Lin Yan cut across sternly.

    He Lefeng sighed to himself.

    Forget it, he was already last. Nothing else mattered.


    About ten seconds later, He Lefeng's car had caught up with the last of Old Tang's cars.

    When Old Tang's racer saw them, he pointed his thumb down to jeer at He Lefeng.

    "F*ck!" He Lefeng cursed under his breath.

    "Overtake him!" Lin Yan commanded sternly.

    "How do I overtake him?" exclaimed He Lefeng in a flustered tone.

    "Move your car closer to the mountain and turn your steering wheel 90 degrees," instructed Lin Yan sharply.

    "I don't care anymore! I will get him!" He Lefeng gnashed his teeth in determination as he obeyed Lin Yan.
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