274 Do You Dare To?

    When the other car saw He Lefeng moving closer to the mountain, he followed suit swiftly to block his way.

    The He family team and Old Tang's team had competed several times. Old Tang's team was very familiar with He Lefeng's style, as they had conducted research on all of them. He Lefeng's car, equipment, and skills were the worst in the entire team. However, his style today was different than usual.

    He Lefeng was a very careful and stable racer, especially in outdoor venues like this, yet today, he had dared to increase his speed on a dangerous, winding road, which baffled his opponent.

    However, there was no way he would allow He Lefeng to overtake him so easily.


    "No... He is blocking me..."

    He Lefeng frowned in frustration. Instinctively, he wanted to slow down and give up on overtaking the other car.

    "Continue," snapped Lin Yan coldly.

    "Sister Yan... If we continue, we will hit them!" He Lefeng replied, sounding panicked.

    As a racer, He Lefeng did have his own judgment. Under the circumstances, how could he overtake the car ahead?

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She felt like giving up. Why would such a cowardly racer even exist?

    This kind of overtaking method, coupled with the distance, didn't even require any skill or technique.

    Their rival had used this method to block their path. Any racer could overtake them with their eyes closed without using any techniques.

    He Lefeng had indeed lived up to his name. This was why he ranked at the bottom.

    "If you don't want Grandfather's team to disband, you have to listen to me. If you don't care about the results of this race, you can stop and pull aside right now." Lin Yan turned to He Lefeng, looking stoic and aloof.

    "Sister Yan... I'm begging you. Please don't get me in trouble! You don't know anything about racing. If I listen to you, an accident will happen. This is a mountain!" He Lefeng frowned as he protested aloud.

    Lin Yan sighed helplessly to herself.

    Right now, the steering wheel was in He Lefeng's hands. No matter how good she was, she couldn't steer the car. As long as He Lefeng refused to obey her, not even God would be able to change the outcome!

    He Lefeng was really inept and hopeless. She was desperate!

    Lin Yan scoffed coldly at him. "Xiaofeng, no wonder you rank last."

    He Lefeng trembled a little when he heard Lin Yan. "Sister Yan, what do you mean? Sister Yan, you don't even know anything about racing. I can't attempt such a dangerous thing just because I'm being provoked!"

    Lin Yan shook her head calmly. "This is not just about your emotions. This concerns your pride and ego. That racer has humiliated you, yet you seem indifferent. Look at his car again and the gap on his right. There are at least 5 meters of space between the car and the mountain. How wide is your car?"

    Lin Yan sneered lightly before she continued. "Forget it. Just finish this round and let me out. I can't take your cowardice any longer."

    "Sister Yan... Why do you have to be so harsh with me? Have you ever raced before? You don't even know anything, yet you're commanding me!" He Lefeng was infuriated.

    "If I, who have never raced before, dare to overtake him, why don't you dare as well?" Lin Yan scoffed coldly.
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