275 He Will Do Whatever It Takes

    Lin Yan's words successfully ignited the fury in He Lefeng. "Why wouldn't I dare?"

    "You dare to? Then prove it to me!" Lin Yan shot him a scornful look.

    "I will overtake him!"

    He Lefeng gritted his teeth and stomped on the accelerator. In a flash, his car whizzed ahead.

    Their rival noticed He Lefeng's car catching up with him through the mirror. Shock filled his eyes as he thought to himself, 'Is He Lefeng trying to overtake me by squeezing in through the gap? Isn't he afraid of dying?'

    The racer sneered coldly and shifted his car closer to the mountain. He planned on turning his steering wheel and blocking his way, no matter where he went. He wanted to see how capable He Lefeng was.

    "Damn it!" He Lefeng cursed when he saw that the car ahead moved closer to the mountain.

    As he studied the situation and the gap, he realized that there wasn't enough space for him to overtake the car ahead. Whenever he steered to the left or right, the racer would move accordingly.

    "Why do I always meet this damned racer every single time?" He Lefeng gnashed his teeth bitterly. "Old Tang always gets this b*stard to block my path!"

    "And?" asked Lin Yan airily.

    "And... every time he's faster than me. He will block my path every single time. What else could I do since I can't overtake him?" hissed He Lefeng angrily.

    "No way. I have to overtake him, no matter what it takes!" He Lefeng declared firmly.

    He had ignored the humiliation he had suffered before. However, today, even his cousin, who had never raced before, had looked down on him. How could he take this lying down?

    Even though he knew how mediocre he was, he didn't have to finish last every single time!

    He Lefeng's car sped ahead. In no time, it was right behind their rival.

    "Turn your steering wheel back," commanded Lin Yan suddenly.

    "Turn back?" He Lefeng was stunned. "I will crash into him!"

    "Move aside!" Lin Yan appeared cold and calm as she grabbed the steering wheel.

    "Don't play around!" He Lefeng was horrified by her actions.

    When Lin Yan seized the steering wheel, He Lefeng didn't dare stop her, for fear of causing an accident.

    "Sister Yan, what are you doing? Let go!" He Lefeng watched Lin Yan in utter surprise. When he noticed that she was using her left hand to steer, he broke out in cold sweat.

    "Clutch!" yelled Lin Yan.

    Instinctively, He Lefeng did as he was told.

    "Step on the brakes all the way," Lin Yan added calmly.

    "You want me to brake at this speed?" He Lefeng gazed at Lin Yan with a mixture of shock and horror.

    The steering wheel was in Lin Yan's hands, and He Lefeng didn't dare to touch it at all. He was afraid that they might overturn or crash into the mountain.

    Besides, stopping the car was better than letting Lin Yan mess around with the steering wheel!

    He Lefeng bit his lip and stepped on the brakes with force.

    A second later, he was overwhelmed by disbelief. The moment he stepped on the brakes, the car moved on steadily forward and turned at a beautiful 180-degree angle to the side.

    "Release the brakes and accelerate!" yelled Lin Yan firmly.

    He Lefeng instinctively obeyed without a single thought and accelerated at full speed.


    Old Tang's racer watched in complete disbelief as the silver car slid past him smoothly and followed the curve of the mountain. Before he could react, the car had overtaken him.
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