276 The Technique That Propelled Him to Fame

    "F*ck! What was that?"

    Old Tang's racer, who had originally been ahead of He Lefeng as he'd continued to block his path, watched in amazement as the silver car swerved at a brilliant angle and glided smoothly past him.

    It seemed as though He Lefeng had overtaken him out of convenience. Just out of convenience!

    What was more outrageous was that the silver-colored car was... still drifting at an alarming speed!

    How did he manage to do that?

    At the moment, that scene seemed rather familiar. He had seen it somewhere before.


    Meanwhile, in the VIP room...

    "F*ck. That rascal He Lefeng could do that?"

    Pei Yutang got a shock as he gazed at the screen, which had zoomed in on the action, in awe.

    "Hold on... Why does this look so familiar? I've seen this somewhere before!" a ZH1 member exclaimed with a look of disbelief and amazement on his face.

    "It's Death Knight's technique, the one that propelled him to fame... the Side Horizontal Drift!" God Z leaped to his feet, looking completely astounded and surprised.

    "How could it be!"

    All the ZH1 members glanced at each other with incredulous expressions.

    They were all aware of He Lefeng's skills and techniques. How could he possibly execute the Side Horizontal Drift, which was an immensely difficult and precise technique? This was such a joke!

    "It's a coincidence. It must be. It was sheer luck," one of them answered.

    How could they believe that a racer like He Lefeng could execute such a beautiful technique?

    "This drifting method comes with a high level of risk. There are many things to look out for. The racer has to turn the wheel at a precise angle and have absolute control of the car. Otherwise, even if he is able to execute the Side Horizontal Drift, it won't be perfect." God Z analyzed the situation with a frown.

    Everyone turned to God Z in silence.

    At the same time, the organizers seemed to be awestruck by He Lefeng's performance too. They used a replay and focused on his car, playing the scene in slow motion as the commentator spoke.

    The commentator said, "It can be clearly seen that the racer of the He family team has demonstrated the Side Horizontal Drift. It's simply perfect and beautiful. If we look carefully, we can see that the racer is He Lefeng and his new navigator is by his side...

    We know He Lefeng as a racer... However, before this race, his performance could have been considered average. Today, he has demonstrated absolute control of his car with flawless use of the accelerator, clutch, and brake... Fantastic!"

    The commentator expounded, "I wonder if everyone has realized that this particular track is about 80 meters long. Initially, He Lefeng was blocked by another racer and he slowed down. After about 40 meters, he completed the Side Horizontal Drift in five seconds.

    There's an unbelievable detail right here: He Lefeng sped at full speed before he used the Side Horizontal Drift. Then, he conveniently overtook the car in front of him. Seizing this opportunity, he finished the curve around the mountain in seconds before steering his car straight once more... Doesn't this remind you of the first level of the international competition, when the Death Knight counterattacked and overtook his rival with the famous Side Horizontal Drift, which propelled him to fame?"
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