277 Hinting Frantically

    The commentator chuckled instinctively when he mentioned the first level of the international competition. It was as though he found it amusing to compare He Lefeng's and Death Knight's technique.

    The commentator continued. "The racer that was overtaken by He Lefeng is someone whom we are familiar with. It is Zhang Yi. Both he and He Lefeng always rank at the bottom two.

    This time, He Lefeng seems to have gotten revenge. He has finally stopped being at the bottom and overtaken Zhang Yi. Let's wait and see if he will be able to maintain this position."


    In the meantime, in the second VIP room...

    Wei Xufeng studied the slow-motion scene in confusion and disbelief.

    He had watched many races between Old Tang's team and the He family's team. He was well aware of He Lefeng's skills, so he was the racer that he had always looked down upon.

    However, He Lefeng had managed to execute a beautiful technique.

    "How could it be?"

    "Ha ha!" Qi Shaoyuan cheered gleefully as he glanced at Wei Xufeng. "See! I already said that the He family would win today! The key factor is He Lefeng!"

    Wei Xufeng scoffed at him instantly. "It's just a coincidence. How could he execute the Side Horizontal Drift all by himself?"

    He really despised He Lefeng.

    "That aside... Look at that Side Horizontal Drift. Doesn't it seem familiar?" Qi Shaoyuan murmured.

    "It does." Wei Xufeng nodded in response.

    "Of course it does. That is the iconic technique of Death Knight..." Qi Shaoyuan answered.

    "I remember now... He Lefeng must have gotten lucky!" Wei Xufeng replied.

    "Cough... You must recall who was Death Knight's coach. His coach must be the person who taught him that technique..." Qi Shaoyuan hinted heavily.

    However, it appeared that Wei Xufeng hadn't heard Qi Shaoyuan's hints, as he continued to frown at the screen. "It's weird... During the replay, it didn't seem as though it was luck. What happened?"


    On the racing track, Lin Yan let go of the steering wheel once they left the winding road on the mountain. He Lefeng continued to drive steadily.

    Then, he turned and gazed at Lin Yan in awe and shock.

    What had happened just now? He was feeling giddy.

    "Don't look at me! Look ahead!" Lin Yan frowned in disapproval.

    They were racing on a complicated track, so there were many unforeseeable circumstances. He Lefeng hadn't been concentrating on the track, which was the biggest mistake of a racer.

    "Oh my god. Sister Yan... I just... I just pulled off a Side Horizontal Drift... It was really a Side Horizontal Drift!" He Lefeng was so overcome with excitement that he was shuddering.

    Lin Yan ignored him and continued to instruct him. "Keep to the left first, then swerve to the right before you enter the bend."

    Then, she added, "Once the road gets broader in about 120 meters, increase your speed and step on it with half your force."

    He Lefeng instinctively obeyed without any protests. In no time, he realized that Lin Yan had analyzed the roads correctly.

    After following her instructions, he overtook another car...

    He Lefeng was dumbstruck. Hadn't Sister Yan mentioned that she had the most basic navigator's license?

    How had she managed to analyze the roads so accurately?
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