278 You Are the Worst Racer I Have Ever Coached

    In a rally race at an outdoor venue, a navigator was of paramount importance. They were like the racer's second pair of eyes.

    If the navigator could accurately analyze and understand the road situation and work well with the racer's style, he or she could give the right advice. This would make the racer feel like they had grown a pair of wings.

    However, navigators with such an ability were rare, especially in this country. Hence, many people assumed that navigators simply sat on the front passenger seat.

    He had never met a navigator who was as professional and experienced as she was!

    Oh yeah, he had seen navigators like that on TV!

    That only happened when he watched international competitions.

    "No!" Suddenly, a realization hit and overwhelmed He Lefeng. "That Side Horizontal Drift... I didn't execute it!"

    He Lefeng was in a daze as he glanced at the nonchalant Lin Yan.

    He had listened to Lin Yan's commands earlier while driving on the winding roads of the mountain. He had turned his steering wheel and adjusted his clutch before stepping on the brakes...

    Every step, every detail... In hindsight, this had nothing to do with him!

    Most importantly, Lin Yan had used her hand to steer the car in the right direction!

    Lin Yan was the one who had executed the technique!

    All he had done was step on the brakes... and accelerate... just because he had obeyed Lin Yan's instructions.

    "Sister Yan... You..." He Lefeng was utterly shocked and dumbfounded.

    "Don't look at me!' Lin Yan hissed angrily as she glared at He Lefeng. "Eyes on the road!"

    How many times had she repeated herself? He Lefeng had glanced at her umpteen times, which was tantamount to suicide!

    Lin Yan swore that her cousin, He Lefeng, was the worst racer she had ever coached. He had angered her so much that she was going nuts. He was a hopeless case.

    If Death Knight and Lang Mang had been like He Lefeng years ago, she would have strangled them to death.

    Lin Yan repeatedly brainwashed herself by muttering, 'He is my cousin...'

    "Oh, okay!" He Lefeng nodded furiously as he averted his gaze hurriedly.

    "Sister Yan... Just now... No... I mean... You... Sister Yan, you pulled off the Side Horizontal Drift... How did you do that? It was so impressive!" He Lefeng spluttered incoherently.

    Even though that Side Horizontal Drift had nothing to do with him, at least he had been a part of it. He had stepped on the brakes and the accelerator!

    Lin Yan, who acted as though she hadn't heard He Lefeng, said, "Shift the gear to number five, stay left and move forward for the next 80 meters. Then, shift to gear number four, stay left and accelerate to the maximum. Keep speeding in a straight line."

    "Oh, oh..." He Lefeng hastily obeyed without hesitation.

    "The road is getting narrow. Shift to gear number two before shifting to gear number three. Then swerve to the right quickly before you shift to gear number four." Lin Yan reeled off, looking stoic.

    He Lefeng swallowed his saliva and listened obediently. He didn't dare to question Lin Yan again, as her analysis and instructions were absolutely right. She was the best professional!

    A navigator like her would be a dream for any racer!

    However, He Lefeng suddenly felt that he was unworthy of having such a navigator. It was such a pity that her talent was going to waste...

    "Sister Yan, who exactly are you?" He Lefeng asked, looking awestruck.

    "Don't you know me?" Lin Yan shot him a fleeting glance.

    "No... What I mean is... Sigh... Forget it... I don't even know what to say... Sister Yan, I will listen to whatever you say!" He Lefeng replied.

    In this short time, Lin Yan's leadership and instructions had resulted in him overtaking four more cars, including three racers of the He family team and one from Old Tang's team...

    At the same time, He Dingkun was monitoring He Lefeng's car with a mixture of doubt and amazement...
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