279 That Lucky?

    "He is fourth in the lead?"

    He Dingkun was so astonished that he couldn't believe it.

    He was well aware of He Lefeng's standards and skills. Otherwise, he wouldn't have given him the worst car and equipment.

    "Xiaofeng is that lucky?" He Xiong muttered aloud.

    "I think the cars behind him are facing some problems." He Dingkun fell into a daze.

    There was no other plausible explanation. Even if He Lefeng had a navigator, based on his skills, it would be a miracle if he ranked number four.

    Right now, there were three cars ahead of He Lefeng. Two of them belonged to Old Tang's team, while the other was He Mingkai.

    He Mingkai's car was right in front of He Lefeng. The first two cars were on Old Tang's team and they were about to complete the first round.

    Lin Yan gazed at the road as she deliberated quietly to herself.

    He Lefeng had wasted too much time earlier, and he had been slower than the rest right from the starting point. His indecisiveness on the winding roads had caused him to fall behind too.

    The odds weren't in their favor right now. Unless He Lefeng stopped the car and exchanged places with her, he would at most be able to overtake He Mingkai. He wouldn't possibly manage to clinch the first place.

    "Sister Yan, should we just give up?" He Lefeng sighed helplessly.

    He Mingkai's car was ahead of them.

    According to He Dingkun's strategy, they were supposed to prevent the rest of the cars from blocking He Mingkai.

    Right now, He Mingkai was third, whereas he was fourth. The cars behind them wouldn't be able to catch up either, so the top two places would definitely go to Old Tang's team.

    Besides, the first two cars were really far away from them, so it would be impossible for them to catch up with them.

    He Lefeng stood no chance of winning the race.

    There was only one possible outcome. The He family would lose.

    After several seconds, He Lefeng's car had returned to the starting point. The racers from Old Tang's team had already started their second round.

    It was obvious that there was a disparity between He Mingkai's skills and the other two racers. It was impossible to depend on He Mingkai to catch up to them.

    "We are finished!" He Lefeng looked rather indignant.

    "Stop the car," Lin Yan said firmly.

    Instinctively, He Lefeng did as he was told and pulled the car over at the starting point.

    "Sister Yan, what's wrong?" He Lefeng stared at Lin Yan in confusion.

    "Just wait here," Lin Yan replied, looking indifferent.

    "Huh? We are not continuing?" He Lefeng was startled.

    "Stop talking and listen to me," snapped Lin Yan.

    He Lefeng clammed up and nodded.

    After several minutes, the cars He Lefeng had overtaken earlier all caught up with them. Although they had no idea why they'd stopped, no one was bothered.

    A second later, in the VIP room, He Lefeng's face appeared on the screen.

    The commentator reported, "He Lefeng has stopped his car. No one knows if there is a problem with his car, but he ranks last once more. Something is weird. If there was something wrong with the car, the racer should have reported it immediately so that it could be rectified. However, he didn't do anything. This is the first time I've witnessed anything like this..."
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