280 Back to Square One

    In the VIP room, no one knew what was going on with He Lefeng.

    He Dingkun frowned as he said, "What is Xiaofeng doing? Is something wrong with his car? Why didn't he inform us?"

    He Xiong was clueless too as he stood beside him. "We didn't hear anything. I don't think there is a problem with the car... Although we don't stand a chance of winning, he shouldn't simply give up."

    "That rascal!" The old master exploded.

    Even though he knew he would lose, he had to finish the race!

    He Xiong tuned in to the communication channel to talk to He Lefeng.

    On the other side, He Lefeng heard He Xiong's voice. "He Lefeng, what are you doing? Why didn't you report that there is something wrong with your car?"

    He Lefeng was dumbstruck momentarily before he answered, "Uncle, nothing is wrong..."

    "Nothing is wrong?" He Xiong bellowed once more. "Then why did you stop?"

    "It's... Sister Yan made me stop..." He Lefeng replied awkwardly, as he had no idea why she had made him stop.

    "What did you say? Lin Yan made you stop?" He Xiong, who was livid, lashed out once more. "Who does she think she is? She made you stop and you just stopped? He Lefeng, is there something wrong with your brain? She knows nothing about racing, yet you listened to her?"

    "Shut it off. It's too noisy!" Lin Yan snapped impatiently.

    He Xiong heard Lin Yan on the other side of the line.

    "Lin Yan, who said you could boss He Lefeng around? You have never touched a steering wheel, yet you are commanding him? Do you really think you're a navigator?" He Lefeng lashed out.

    "Aren't you going to switch it off?" Lin Yan eyed He Lefeng.

    "Oh..." He Lefeng nodded and turned it off promptly.

    After he turned off the radio, there was silence again.

    Everyone else, including the ZH1 team and Wei Xufeng, could not understand Lin Yan's decision.

    He Lefeng had been fourth and he could have maintained that position. Now, he had gone back to square one...

    "Why did Xiaoyan ask Xiaofeng to stop?" He Dingkun was incensed.

    "Dad, I'd already warned you not to let her participate. She doesn't know anything. Xiaofeng could have ended up in fourth place, but she made him stop. Great, now he is in last place. This is a joke!" He Xiong sneered coldly.



    At the starting point, a rumbling sound was heard.

    Lin Yan glanced at the rearview mirror and grinned. "Here they come."

    "What is coming?" He Lefeng was confused.

    "Number one and two," replied Lin Yan curtly.

    "This is their third round, and I'm on my first..." He Lefeng sighed to himself.

    "Accelerate to 40km/h," Lin Yan instructed him.

    "Got it!" He Lefeng immediately got to work.

    He Lefeng's car looked as though it was crawling like a snail on the track.

    Just as the two cars from Old Tang's team came speeding towards them, Lin Yan used her hand to grab the steering wheel so that their car would block the path.

    Suddenly, He Lefeng's silver car adopted a plaster strategy: It stayed close to the two cars and prevented them from advancing.
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