281 You Will See All Sorts of Things At a Ripe Old Age

    The two cars from Old Tang's team swerved left and right as they attempted to overtake the silver car. However, no matter how hard they tried, the silver car persisted in their path as it kept some distance from them.

    "Get lost!"

    One of them hollered angrily, "We are on our third round, and this is your first! Why don't you carry on instead of blocking our path?"

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth curled up into an ambiguous smile.

    She had read the rules of this rally race carefully. There wasn't any rule that banned a racer who was on his first round from competing with a racer on their third round.

    At the same time, He Lefeng was also beginning to get enlightened. His eyes suddenly lit up.

    He finally understood...

    He finally knew why Lin Yan had made him stop at the starting point.

    It wasn't because she knew they were bound to lose... but because she wanted to wait for the first two racers!

    "Switch on the radio once more and inform Grandfather. Get Mingkai to overtake them from the right. His speed has to be fast," Lin Yan instructed He Lefeng clearly.

    "Alright!" He Lefeng nodded happily as he let go of his grip on the steering wheel. Lin Yan had control over it, so it had nothing to do with him.

    "Grandfather, tell Brother Mingkai that when he is on the third round, he should accelerate to the maximum and overtake the racers from the right!" He Lefeng conveyed Lin Yan's instructions to He Dingkun before he switched off the radio.


    Ten seconds later, He Mingkai's car came whizzing towards them at top speed.

    Lin Yan swerved and allowed He Mingkai's car to overtake them.

    The scene was scrutinized and replayed, causing a debate in the VIP room and the main hall.

    "What the... What kind of competition is this? This strategy is too despicable!" a ZH1 member blurted out while grumbling aloud.

    "You really get to see all sorts of things when you live to this age. He Lefeng is merely on his first round, yet he blocked the cars who are on their last lap!"

    "Genius!" Pei Yutang felt amazement and awe.

    "This... can be considered a violation of the rules!"

    God Z pondered quietly to himself before he said, "Do you think the focus is on their strategy?"

    "Isn't it, Captain?"

    "If any of you, including me, were to adopt the same strategy, there is no way we would block the path of two cars at the same time." God Z stared at the screen as he spoke.

    Seven other cars were being blocked by that silver car. Only the He family car could overtake them and proceed.

    Everyone in the room fell silent as they listened to God Z.


    "How shameless." Wei Xufeng expressed his thoughts as he eyed the screen.

    "What do you mean by that? This is a strategy..." quipped Qi Shaoyuan.

    "The competition rules weren't clear. Otherwise, this would have been considered cheating." Wei Xufeng shook his head. "They had to resort to underhanded methods like this due to their lack of skill. How shameless..."


    In the hall, He Dingkun and He Xiong had focused entirely on He Mingkai. They only knew that He Lefeng was blocking the path of their rivals.
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