282 About to Explode at Any Momen

    "Dad, Mingkai is first!" He Xiong yelled in excitement.

    The old master was delighted as he replied, "The other two cars are second and third. As long as they all stay like that, we will win!"


    At the starting point, Lin Yan suddenly turned the steering wheel back and asked He Lefeng to brake.

    "Sister Yan, aren't we blocking them anymore?" asked He Lefeng anxiously.

    "There is no need. They wouldn't be able to catch up even if they wanted to," replied Lin Yan.

    By now, He Mingkai and the others should be finishing their final round.

    "Move to the right and reverse," Lin Yan said suddenly.


    Although He Lefeng had no idea why she wanted him to do that, he instinctively obeyed her without a word of protest or doubt.

    He Lefeng reversed the car slowly. When Lin Yan didn't stop him, he continued.

    After a few minutes, He Mingkai's car came towards them from the left and Lin Yan told He Lefeng to stop reversing. Instead, she asked him to tailgate He Mingkai.

    "Sister Yan, why are we doing this? Can you explain?" asked He Lefeng curiously.

    "He Mingkai's tires are about to explode at any moment," Lin Yan answered dully.

    "Huh?" He Lefeng was startled by her response.

    As she had predicted, He Mingkai's car tires had changed shape.

    However, He Xiong seemed to have advised He Mingkai, as he slowed down a little as they got closer to the finish line.


    After mere seconds, they heard a loud bang and saw He Mingkai's tires burst. The car slid to the right and stopped about 80 meters away from the finish line.

    "Push his car towards the finish line," instructed Lin Yan.

    "Okay!" He Lefeng stepped on his accelerator lightly and pushed He Mingkai's car towards the finish line.

    He Mingkai's car was successfully pushed past the finish line, crossing the line first.

    Shortly, the other racers of the He family team came speeding after them and moved towards the finish line.

    He Mingkai stormed out of his car in a fury towards He Lefeng, hissing angrily, "Xiaofeng, why did you bump into my car?"

    "Brother Mingkai... I was afraid that the other racers would overtake you... so I helped you," He Lefeng explained softly.

    "B*ll**! I was just meters away from the finish line. Why would I need your help?" He Mingkai sneered coldly as he said, "Is it because you were feeling jealous because you were last? Did you want to make yourself useful by using this method to claim that you helped me secure the championship?

    He Lefeng was speechless...

    Although Lin Yan cast a disdainful look at He Mingkai, she had no wish to argue with him.

    She had done that for the sake of the old master. If He Mingkai had been overtaken by their rivals because of his burst tires, he wouldn't have finished first.

    He Dingkun and He Xiong came rushing towards them.

    "Mingkai, well done!" He Xiong patted He Mingkai's shoulders, looking ecstatic.

    "Daddy, I already told you not to worry!" He Mingkai beamed from ear to ear.

    "Mingkai, good job." He Dingkun studied He Mingkai, looking contented.
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