283 Only Results Matter


    He Lefeng frowned silently beside them.

    The outcome of this competition had nothing to do with He Mingkai!

    Without Lin Yan, they would have lost!

    Cheers and applause erupted everywhere, but no one paid attention to He Lefeng and Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan shook her head at He Lefeng. All she wanted was for her grandfather to be happy. She had achieved what she wanted by making sure their team won. She did not wish to claim credit for their achievement.

    "Lin Yan, He Lefeng, what were the two of you doing? Especially you, Lin Yan! You know nothing, yet you made He Lefeng stop the car!" He Xiong suddenly spun around and chided both of them.

    Everyone else went quiet as their eyes darted to Lin Yan and He Lefeng. The other racers of their team cast them contemptuous looks.

    One of them ranked last, while the other was just a figurehead. They had only managed to finish one lap, while everyone else had finished the entire race.

    "Uncle, if Sister Yan hadn't blocked the cars, would Brother Mingkai and the rest of our racers have made it to the finish line before our rivals?" He Lefeng blurted out with indignation.

    "What a joke!" He Mingkai cut across before he snapped, "What kind of nonsense are you rambling about? Just admit that you finished last and that you need more practice. Would excuses make you improve? Without us, would the team have won? Or do you expect us to depend on you or her?"

    "Brother Mingkai! You..."

    He Lefeng was as red as a tomato. Perhaps they had been too focused on the race earlier on and hadn't noticed the situation. However, if they were to watch the replay, they would understand immediately!

    Without Lin Yan, they would have achieved nothing! How dare they dream about getting first place?

    The reason they had finished last was because Lin Yan had decided to sacrifice their race after thinking about the bigger picture. They were the ones who knew nothing.

    "Alright, Xiaofeng. Only results matter. We won, so everything's fine." Lin Yan smiled gently at He Lefeng.

    She did not wish to win a competition like this. It was just like competing with a child. If she had been obsessed with winning such a minor competition, it would have been really tiring.

    "Listen to me... Get as far away from us as you can. Don't you dare return to our house. Luckily, you were He Lefeng's navigator... I've never heard of a navigator telling a racer to stop in the middle of a race!" He Xiong glared at Lin Yan and then spat out, "If you don't know anything, don't you dare cause trouble for us. I know that you can't wait for our family to be ruined!"


    Before Lin Yan could respond, the old master had interrupted He Xiong. "What do you mean by saying that she wants us to be ruined? Xiaoyan came here to help. She does not know much about racing, and this was her first time sitting in a racing car. She might have felt uncomfortable earlier due to the speed. It's understandable if she asked Xiaofeng to stop."

    "Dad..." He Xiong furrowed his eyebrows.

    "That's enough. I want you to remember that we won. Nothing else matters!" He Dingkun yelled.


    Suddenly, all the ZH1 members and Pei Yutang strode towards them.

    "Congratulations," said God Z with a smile.

    He Xiong and the old master hurried forward to welcome him.

    "God Z, Mingkai didn't disappoint you, right?" He Xiong grinned.

    God Z was speechless...

    "He was not too bad." God Z smiled awkwardly.

    "Oh yeah. Since the competition has ended, we would like to race with you. Old Master, you can watch the competition as well." God Z's eyes landed on Lin Yan.
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