284 I Choose Her

    "You want him to have a race with you?" He Xiong answered as he gazed at God Z before turning to He Mingkai.

    Was God Z trying to test his son personally?

    "How about this? We'll just settle for one lap. My whole team will participate as well." God Z smiled.

    "God Z, how could Mingkai possibly be your match? However, the fact that you see potential in Mingkai is an honor." He Xiong patted his son.

    "Mingkai, aren't you going to thank God Z for giving you this opportunity? The top team in the country is going to have a friendly race with you! This is a huge blessing from our ancestors!" Old Master He Dingkun seemed rather excited too. This would bring huge glory to his family team.


    God Z looked rather awkward when he understood that the old master and He Xiong had misunderstood his words.

    He had meant Lin Yan. No one in his team was interested in He Mingkai...

    However, this was Lin Yan's family. Hence, God Z fell silent and decided not to clear up the misunderstanding. It would be too awkward for everyone if he were to clarify things.

    "In that case... Mingkai can race with us. We need one more person from your team." God Z smiled once again.

    "Sure, God Z. Please feel free to choose!" He Xiong agreed hastily.

    God Z turned to Lin Yan, who was all geared up in her uniform, and pointed at her.


    The smiles of the He family team vanished abruptly. How could he choose a woman who had never raced before to race with ZH1?

    "God Z... Do you want to reconsider?" He Xiong frowned as he tried to maintain a cordial tone.

    "It's okay." God Z smiled and said, "I choose her."

    "God Z, my granddaughter is a navigator. She isn't a racer... How about..." The old master tried to change his mind.

    "Old Master, it doesn't matter. I want her." God Z insisted.

    It would be too rude to reject God Z's request. Hence, the old master had no choice but to agree helplessly.

    "Xiaoyan, slow down... and just drive. Don't go fast." The old master walked over to Lin Yan and softly instructed her.

    He Dingkun was afraid that Lin Yan might get into an accident.

    Lin Yan was speechless... She hadn't even agreed!

    She really wasn't interested in participating in such a competition.

    He Xiong shot a contemptuous look at Lin Yan. "Xiaoyan, these are the top racers in our country. You got really lucky because of Mingkai. I reckon no one would believe you if you told them you once raced with the ZH1 team."

    "Forget it, Dad. How could she possibly win this race? Just let her have fun and drive casually. Don't mind her." He Mingkai glanced at Lin Yan as he replied stiffly.

    Pei Yutang's eyes darted between He Mingkai and his father. It was as though he was looking at a pair of fools.

    If they really had a race, they might fall to their knees and beg for forgiveness.

    "Miss Lin, please," God Z said with a smile.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    As the saying goes, they were simply driving a duck onto a perch.

    However, since they insisted, it would be too pretentious of her to decline.

    "Alright then, let's have a quick race." Lin Yan shrugged casually.

    Then, she marched over to the car and got in without another word.

    The ZH1 team members went to get their own cars and drove to the starting line.
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