285 Landing an Acting Offer

    As the ZH1 team members watched Lin Yan get into her car, all of them looked rather sulky. How could they possibly beat her...

    He Mingkai had changed car.

    Just as the ZH1 members went to their respective cars, a middle-aged man in a suit walked over to Lin Yan's car. As everyone cast curious looks at him, he knocked on the car window.

    Lin Yan rolled down the window and studied the man with a hint of puzzlement in her eyes.

    "Miss, good afternoon." The middle-aged man smiled.

    "You are?" asked Lin Yan.

    "Could I have a talk with you in your car?" he asked.

    Lin Yan opened the door promptly and the middle-aged man got in.

    "Miss, you may call me Martin." The middle-aged man spoke to her politely.

    "Lin Yan." Lin Yan made a curt introduction.

    "Nice to meet you, Miss Lin." The man nodded.

    "Mr. Martin, why were you looking for me? My race is about to start soon..." Lin Yan gazed at him in confusion.

    "Miss Lin, your race isn't important. Since you're part of the racing arena, I'm sure you are aware that a huge movie production is about to commence filming."

    "Is that the movie that is based on Lang Mang's life?" Lin Yan answered after brief contemplation.

    "You're right." Martin nodded. "Miss Lin, your appearance and physique resemble one of the characters in the movie. Would you be interested in the role?"

    "I resemble someone?" Lin Yan blurted out unconsciously.

    "I'm sure you are familiar with this character. If your audition is successful, it will be an honor for you to portray her, Miss Lin. She is the fastest racer in the racing industry, the Race Track's Grim Reaper... Yeva!"

    "Oh." Lin Yan looked indifferent.

    Upon seeing how indifferent Lin Yan looked, Martin was slightly taken aback. Why did she seem so nonchalant and calm about portraying Yeva?

    It had never occurred to Lin Yan that she would be able to land an acting offer at a competition. However... she wasn't the least bit interested in acting as herself... This would pose no challenge to her.

    "The pay would be a seven-digit sum of yuan for a five-minute appearance. Are you sure you don't want to consider it?" Martin pressed on.

    "Mr. Martin, I think that this role definitely belongs to me. It's tailored just for me!" Lin Yan suddenly rose and hit her head against the car roof.

    Martin was rendered speechless...

    She had been so nonchalant earlier that she had looked disinterested and somewhat bored...

    "Mr. Martin, please get out first."

    Lin Yan rubbed her head and swiftly opened the door.

    When Martin got out, Lin Yan propped her leg against the back of the car and grinned. "Mr. Martin, how do I look? Do I look like her?"

    "Miss Lin, are we still having a race?"

    A ZH1 member glanced at Lin Yan, looking confused.

    What was Lin Yan doing with this middle-aged man?

    "Shoo! Go away!" Lin Yan waved her hands aggressively. "Don't disturb me! I'm discussing a seven-digit sum business offer!"

    Lin Yan's words left the entire ZH1 team speechless. Why would she be discussing business right now?
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