286 Absolutely Fitting!

    Lin Yan ignored the ZH1 team member and turned to Martin. With a polite smile, she said, "Mr. Martin, this role definitely belongs to me. Do I look like her when I act like this?"

    "Errr..." Martin eyed Lin Yan as he deliberated. "I don't think so. Yeva doesn't seem to be so rough...

    I'm not too familiar with the racing arena, though. I'm merely responsible for looking for suitable candidates. The audition will be conducted by higher management. However, I can give you an opportunity to audition..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Why had he talked so much if he didn't know much about Yeva?

    For the sake of the attractive pay, she had to endure this.

    "Mr. Martin, to be honest, other than being a racer, I'm also an actress. Portraying her would be perfect for me... Oh yeah, is it possible for me to audition for the part?" Lin Yan peered at Martin with a feeble smile.

    Martin shuffled his feet as he sized Lin Yan up. Then, he nodded and said, "I have done some intensive research on Yeva recently. I think that you are suitable for the role, but it will be tough for you to pass the audition.

    In China, there are more than a thousand candidates who qualify for the audition, including a dozen of famous actresses who are very popular."

    "Very popular?" Lin Yan was stunned. "Who?"

    Martin contemplated for a second before he said, "I think she... has the same surname as you... It's an actress called Lin Shuya."

    Lin Yan's eyes gleamed fiercely when she heard Martin.

    Lin Shuya? How dare she act as the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva!

    If it hadn't been for Lin Shuya, she wouldn't have been banned from competing.

    Actually, Lin Shuya had no idea that Lin Yan was Yeva.

    When Lin Shuya had come to visit her years ago, she had never revealed her identity to her.

    Hence, Lin Shuya only knew that she had been a really famous racer. However, it had never crossed her mind that her sister would be the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva.


    "Miss Lin, if there are no special circumstances, Lin Shuya will be the one to portray the Race Track's Grim Reaper. However... she is not a racer, so I thought I'd still have a chance. I've been going to competitions recently, hoping to find a racer who resembles Yeva's appearance and physique. After all, if the producers accept my suggestion, I will get a handsome commission." Martin smiled earnestly.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    So he was just one of the hundreds of production crew members who went everywhere and scouted for new faces.

    A huge production like this would have numerous scouts like him that were searching everywhere for suitable candidates. However, these people didn't have a say in the audition process.

    "How many candidates have you found so far?" Lin Yan asked brusquely.

    Martin chuckled and replied, "I have found about ten... Actually, I was just trying my luck today. After all, Lin Shuya is immensely popular in the country and she does resemble the Race Track's Grim Reaper... So..."

    Lin Yan's mouth twitched. At least he was being honest!

    "Alright, Miss Lin. This is my card. If you have made a decision, you may try your luck." Martin stuffed a card in Lin Yan's hand and turned on his heels.
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