287 Accept Or Decline?

    Lin Yan shot daggers from her eyes as she watched Martin leave. How she wished she could chop him to pieces! How dare he play her!

    "Xiaoyan, what's wrong?"

    He Dingkun came ambling slowly towards her.

    Lin Yan shook her head. "I'm fine, Grandfather."

    Before the old master could reply, they heard deafening sounds coming from behind them.

    Several red cars whizzed onto the track.

    God Z and his team members' expressions faltered when they saw the cars.

    One of the cars pulled an extreme drift and splashed a copious amount of mud on Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan coughed and watched the red car with a frown.

    In no time, the cars pulled over and several young men got out.

    "The WW team?"

    The old master, He Xiong, and the others were all stunned to see this group of men.

    "F*ck. Sister Yan, it's the WW team!" He Lefeng informed Lin Yan, sounding amazed.

    "WW?" Lin Yan sounded unsure.

    She wasn't familiar with the teams in this country.

    "Sister Yan, you don't even know WW?" He Lefeng surveyed Lin Yan for a second before he whispered, "They are one of the top teams in the country. They previously lost to ZH1 at the international competition, but they recently got a new captain. He has been the defending champion of the third level of the international competition for three years!"

    "Oh..." Lin Yan fell into deep thought. The third level of the international competition... She didn't know much about the third level, to be honest.

    Lin Yan couldn't even remember all the names of the racers in the second level of the international competition, let alone the third level.


    "Hey, God Z. Did you come here to hide from us?"

    A young man with cropped hair and a pair of shades, smirked coldly at God Z.

    "Is something the matter?" God Z replied stiffly.

    "Of course." The man sneered coldly. "WW has challenged ZH1."

    Mumu and the rest of his teammates looked troubled.

    Over a hundred teams had applied to enter the third level of the international competition. The teams would be placed in pairs to compete after drawing lots.

    ZH1 had been preparing hard for the upcoming third level of the international competition. They just needed to beat one more team to participate in the third level.

    However, there was an additional rule in the third level. A team also had the authority to challenge another team of their own accord.

    At the previous competition, ZH1 had sent WW crashing out of the racing track. Thus, they bore a deep grudge against them. Now, they were back to seek revenge. If they managed to beat them, ZH1 wouldn't be able to participate in the upcoming third level of the international competition.

    "What do you mean? You lost to us at the previous competition, so now you are holding a grudge against us?" a ZH1 member hissed angrily.

    "That's a joke. Whether you will accept the challenge depends on you. We can't possibly coerce you into accepting." The man scorned aloud.

    The young man was right. ZH1 had the right to decline indeed.

    During their conversation, many reporters led by the organizers entered the venue.

    God Z furrowed his brows when he saw them.

    The WW team had deliberately invited the media along. If ZH1 declined their challenge, it would give people the impression that they were afraid of the WW team.

    Weren't they indirectly forcing them to accept?

    "God Z, your team didn't lose a single match this year. Is there a problem with the system, or has perhaps ZH1 been riding on a streak of luck by avoiding an elite, powerful team like WW?"

    A reporter watched God Z as he asked this question.

    "God Z, why would ZH1 appear here at such a minor competition between the He family and Old Tang? Were you trying to avoid WW's challenge?"

    "God Z, WW has issued a challenge. What is your answer? Will you accept or decline?"
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