289 Gone Mad Trying to Boost Their Fame

    Lin Yan turned her head to watch the reporters, whose eyes were filled with disdain and contempt. Actually, what they had said wasn't entirely false.

    A team like the He family, who was inferior and lacking in all aspects, couldn't be compared to the WW team at all.

    However, Lin Yan had her own agenda for saying that.

    Winning this competition would be like pouring a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood. It would be inadequate, and she would need something stronger and special to boost the He family team once more.

    Coincidentally, the WW team had turned up.

    She could help ZH1 get out of this predicament and, at the same time, fulfill her grandfather's dream by helping her family team get more sponsors and funding. This was literally killing two birds with one stone.

    However, she knew that it would be hard for WW to have a race with them. Hence, she needed ZH1's help.

    He Xiong and the others were all glaring at Lin Yan coldly.

    This woman was pushing them to the depths of trouble!

    Many years ago, many new teams had adopted this method by challenging prominent and powerful teams. As time went by, people had begun to despise those teams for doing so. They became infamous instead and received a huge backlash from racing fans.

    It had almost been two years since this had last happened in the capital city.

    A small team had insisted on challenging a prominent top team named KO, which had caused backlash from the fans, making the investors pull out and getting the management of the team fired. In the end, the team had disbanded due to the intense pressure of the public.

    No one had imagined that the He family team, who was even more unknown than that small team, would dare challenge the elite WW team that day.

    "Miss, your family team is quite shameless," a reporter sneered aloud as he watched Lin Yan.

    The He family team should challenge a team of a similar status. They had simply gone mad if they were trying to boost their fame by using this glaring method.


    The old master took a step forward while his forehead was perspiring.

    "Actually, WW's capability is just average. I think we are better than them," Lin Yan proclaimed with a grin.

    He Dingkun studied Lin Yan with an enraged expression.

    Did she know that her arrogance would lead to the destruction of the He family team?

    "Yeah, this lady is right."

    Before He Dingkun could respond, Old Tang strode towards them with a smile. "Hi, everyone. I'm the boss of Old Tang's team. The He family team has competed against us seven times this year and lost six times to us. Today, they were lucky enough to win... They will soon disband, so they merely want to try their luck one last time out of despair. Perhaps they could really be revived! After all, as long as one has enough popularity and fame, it is easy to earn money these days!"

    He smirked coldly as his eyes darted to Lin Yan.

    This damned navigator had caused them to suffer a crushing defeat!

    He Dingkun, He Xiong, and the others hadn't focused on her at all. However, he'd had his eyes on He Lefeng's car the entire time. He had even managed to get his hands on the communication channel!

    He had originally been puzzled as to why He Lefeng had performed so well that day despite his past record. He had led his entire team to victory. However, after listening to the communication channel, he had realized that it was because of that girl...

    She was a brilliant navigator!
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