290 A Glimmer of Hope

    Although this girl wasn't a racer, her expertise and professionalism were unimaginable.

    If she hadn't been He Dingkun's granddaughter, he would have tried to poach this girl for his team.

    Old Tang sized up Lin Yan from head to toe.

    Since he couldn't do that, he would destroy her completely.

    This girl may have been an excellent navigator, but she seemed quite crazy. How dared she challenge WW?

    Fortunately, her insanity would give him the chance to destroy the He family team! Who would have thought that the He family team would be so eager to destroy itself!

    Old Tang waved and left swiftly before the reporters could ask him anything.

    He Xiong glared and snarled at Lin Yan. This brat and her mother were wretched ingrates. Not only did they tarnish their family's reputation, but they were out to destroy them!

    "Everyone... Listen to me... This is a misunderstanding!" He Xiong cut across anxiously.

    "Misunderstanding? Your team member has already worded this clearly and explicitly enough."

    "That's right. Isn't she part of your team?"

    "This..." He Xiong was at a loss for words. Lin Yan had indeed participated in this competition as his team member.

    The man with the short, cropped hair scoffed coldly at God Z. "To think that ZH1 would be reduced to such a pathetic state! You had to get a crumbling team to challenge us on your behalf!"

    His eyes roved over Lin Yan as he continued to prevent God Z from protesting. "You are in no position to race with us."

    "We are in no position?" Lin Yan's mouth curled slightly as she glanced at God Z. "What if we were a substitute team for ZH1? We should qualify in that case."

    Everyone's eyes darted to God Z simultaneously.

    God Z was not merely the captain of ZH1. He was also one of the bosses. If he admitted that the He family team was their substitute, then they would qualify to accept the challenge.

    Of course, if the He family team were to lose, ZH1 would have to pay the price and get eliminated from the third level of the international competition.

    "God Z, is the He family team your substitute?" a reporter asked.

    God Z frowned in silence.

    "Trust me." Lin Yan strode over to God Z and patted his shoulders as she spoke in a whisper.

    God Z's eyes met Lin Yan's eyes and they fell silent for some time. God Z looked as though he had mustered all his courage to make a huge decision as he answered, "Yes..."

    ZH1 was truly in a predicament. They couldn't accept the challenge, neither could they reject it. If they accepted, they would lose and get kicked out of the international competition... If they were to decline, they wouldn't be able to bear the consequences either.

    If Lin Yan raced on their behalf... Perhaps there would still be a glimmer of hope.

    He didn't want to put his stakes on this... but he knew he had to.

    Everyone erupted when God Z spoke.

    "This is interesting. A top prestigious team like ZH1 is helping a hopeless team challenge WW. I bet you are trying to disgust us." The man with the cropped hair sneered.

    Lin Yan's eyes blazed with fire as she replied calmly, "So, the He family team accepts WW's challenge."

    That sealed the challenge, causing an uproar to ensue.
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