291 She Helped the He Family Team Clinch Their First Victory

    Wei Xufeng and Qi Shaoyuan strode casually out of the VIP room.

    "I won! Remember to give me Boss's signed photo!" Qi Shaoyuan shrieked in delight.

    To him, there was absolutely no doubt about who the winner would be.

    Unlike Qi Shaoyuan, who was delighted, Wei Xufeng looked murderous and gloomy. "Impossible! How could the He family team win? He Lefeng and He Mingkai are idiots who couldn't have accomplished that. The others are trash! What could they possibly do..."

    When He Lefeng had tried to mimic Death Knight's technique, he had reckoned that he would never succeed in 800 years!

    As for the despicable strategy he had adopted during the final lap, he would have to be capable enough to block both cars at the same time!

    Their rivals had surpassed He Lefeng both in terms of skills and technique. How could he possibly block both of them and allow that wastrel He Mingkai to clinch the championship?

    The drones had focused their cameras on several better racers. As expected, the He family team hadn't gotten much coverage. When He Mingkai had won suddenly in the end, he had surprised everyone present.

    All the supporters and media were very curious about the winner, He Mingkai. After the competition, the organizers were bound to replay the scenes and process to analyze how he had won.

    Only then would they know how He Mingkai had won.

    Qi Shaoyuan forced himself to seal his mouth as he listened to Wei Xufeng's relentless analysis and grumbles. It had merely been Yeva who had helped her team secure its first victory!

    "Could the problem lie with He Lefeng's navigator?" Wei Xufeng muttered to himself once more.

    The only variable, unknown factor seemed to be He Lefeng's new navigator...

    That woman, who resembled Boss greatly...

    Qi Shaoyuan was a little overwhelmed when he heard that. Was this fellow beginning to see the light?

    Alas, a second later, Wei Xufeng proved him wrong. "No way! That woman is merely a pretty vase used to please the crowd..."

    A revolting trend had currently taken over the racing arena. Due to the lack of female racers, many teams had roped in pretty girls with no talent to hype up their popularity.

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless...

    He had been left speechless and dumbfounded. "Wei Xufeng, don't you dare slander her! Just accept the truth! If you really can't bear to part with that photo, just give me the necklace around your neck instead. I don't mind at all!"

    Qi Shaoyuan's eyes were literally sparkling as he gazed at the necklace around Wei Xufeng's neck.

    He had been yearning for Yeva's necklace for the longest time. Too bad that he had heard that Yeva would be attending the charity dinner a tad later than Wei Xufeng. There was no way he would have allowed that rascal to get his hands on that necklace!

    Never mind! He was the only fan who had seen Boss' face!

    "Dream on!" Wei Xufeng spat fiercely at Qi Shaoyuan.

    Qi Shaoyuan hissed, "Wei Xufeng, don't be a sore loser. Are you trying to renege on your promise?"

    Wei Xufeng snapped, "B*ll**! It's all because the He family resorted to underhanded methods to win!"

    The two of them bickered as they walked. Suddenly, a person crossed their paths.

    Lin Yan had removed her helmet when she had been left alone. However, a moment later, she saw two familiar figures heading in her direction from the VIP room.

    One of them was that employee and the other was unbelievably... Wei Xufeng...
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