292 Fake Fan!


    Qi Shaoyuan appeared as though a streak of excitement coursed through his body while he almost blurted out this word.

    Wei Xufeng had no idea he would bump into Lin Yan here. He stood frozen to the spot as he uttered, "Lin Yan..."

    His eyes roved over Lin Yan's silver-colored uniform and darted to the He family symbol on it. His face fell and darkened. "You're He Lefeng's navigator?"

    He had never thought that He Lefeng's navigator, who bore a striking resemblance to Boss, would be Lin Yan!

    Lin Yan stared at Wei Xufeng, looking awkward. As the saying goes, enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road indeed...

    "Ahem... Hi, Young Master Wei. What a coincidence!" Lin Yan muttered in response.

    Wei Xufeng eyed Lin Yan, feeling irritated about the uniform she was wearing as he said in a disdainful tone, "Coincidence? Lin Yan, are you stalking me again?"

    Lin Yan exclaimed, "Huh?"

    "Didn't I warn you before not to get near me? How dare you imitate Yeva's style! How are you fit to wear this silver uniform?" Wei Xufeng snarled at Lin Yan's uniform as though he couldn't wait to peel it off her.

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched as she replied helplessly, "Young Master, are you delusional?"

    "You're trying to play games with me? Then tell me your motive for sneaking into the pathetic He family team!" Wei Xufeng yelled, looking as though he had seen right through her.

    Lin Yan raised her eyebrows. "That pathetic team belongs to my grandfather. I'm here to help. Is there a problem?"

    Wei Xufeng hissed furiously, "You even used your grandfather!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Qi Shaoyuan froze in a daze when he heard their conversation.

    He had finally recalled why he felt that Lin Yan looked familiar.

    Lin Yan... was the actress that had been embroiled in a scandal with Wei Xufeng?

    Boss' other identity was a celebrity?

    Oh, right! That fellow, Wei Xufeng, was currently filming with Lin Yan. They played a couple!

    What the...

    Damn it, Wei Xufeng!

    What kind of sh*tty luck did he have?

    How could he be involved in a scandal with Boss?

    He was also acting as a couple with her!

    Qi Shaoyuan almost broke his teeth in a fury at the thought.

    That idiot, Wei Xufeng, couldn't even recognize her!

    He was a fake fan!

    Wei Xufeng whipped out his phone promptly and yelled, "Lin Yan, stop your vile thoughts now! I'm going to show you my Weibo post again! You need to face reality!"

    "F*ck! Wei Xufeng, you damned idiot! Do you know who you're talking to right now?" Qi Shaoyuan spluttered in a rage.

    "Who is she? Tell me then!" Wei Xufeng glared at Qi Shaoyuan.

    "She is..."

    Lin Yan cut across just as Qi Shaoyuan was about to say something. "Aha! You have found out that I'm Yeva, the Race Track's Grim Reaper!"

    A vein was throbbing against Wei Xufeng's forehead. He was completely irate. "Lin Yan, if you dare besmirch my goddess again, I swear that I will make you pay!"

    Qi Shaoyuan gazed at Wei Xufeng with a blank expression. "She might really be..."

    Wei Xufeng interjected angrily. "Qi Shaoyuan, are you nuts?"

    He looked as though he couldn't stand the sight of Lin Yan any longer. He turned and stormed off in a huff.
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