293 Magical Assistance

    A victorious smile played at the corners of Lin Yan's mouth. She had expected that reaction from Wei Xufeng, which was why she had deliberately said this.

    When Wei Xufeng left, Qi Shaoyuan inched closer to Lin Yan. "Boss, Wei Xufeng..."

    Lin Yan hushed him up. "Keep this a secret."

    Qi Shaoyuan nodded fervently and replied, "Okay, I'll remember! I will definitely keep this a secret. Boss, you can rest assured!"

    Lin Yan, who was satisfied, left with a smile.

    Qi Shaoyuan gazed longingly at his goddess as she departed gracefully.

    He suddenly remembered what Wei Xufeng had said earlier. Which Weibo post had he referred to?

    He took out his phone and clicked on Wei Xufeng's Weibo account-

    Wei Xufeng had written, 'Am I in love with her? That would only happen if I was blind!'

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless...

    At that moment, all the jealousy he felt turned into pity...

    He wondered how Wei Xufeng would feel when the truth was finally revealed...


    Meanwhile, in the waiting room...

    The He family team and ZH1 team were all looking sullen and somber.

    Lin Yan had changed out of her uniform before she strode in.

    "Lin Yan, you're truly a jinx! Will you stop only after the entire family is destroyed? I swear that I will teach you a good lesson today!" He Xiong flew into a rage the moment he laid eyes on Lin Yan. He raised his hand, ready to hit her.

    Before he could do so, a hand intercepted his in mid-air.

    Pei Yutang, who had walked over to him, said, "Mr. He, it's not nice to hit a girl."

    F*ck! How dare he lay his hand on his Big Sister-In-Law!

    He Xiong composed himself a little when he realized that this was Pei Yutang. "Young Master Pei, you have witnessed with your own eyes had happened just now. Mingkai finally clinched first place after a tough fight. He didn't disappoint you! However, this lass ruined everything. It's obvious that she is out to sabotage us!"

    Pei Yutang pursed his lips and wondered to himself, 'When did I ever pin my hopes on He Mingkai?'

    He regretted intervening. He should have allowed Big Sister-In-Law to wallop this man instead.

    He Lefeng. who had heard He Xiong, was trembling with rage. What had he meant by saying that he had clinched first place after a tough fight?

    It was all because of Sister Yan's magical assistance, alright?

    However, no one believed him, even though he kept reiterating that.

    He Dingkun sat quietly in a corner, looking solemn and pensive. He glanced at Lin Yan and chided her, "Xiaoyan, you are being too rash today. This isn't the entertainment industry."

    He Xiong instantly turned to Lin Yan and lectured her once more. "It's enough that you have disgraced yourself. Now, you have used the despicable methods you use in the entertainment industry and ruined us!

    Our family team was such an authoritative, powerful team years ago in this country. Now, we have to resort to an underhanded method to get sponsors. Our reputation has been trashed by you. How do you expect us to hold our heads high once more? You have tarnished our reputation!"

    "That's enough!" He Dingkun stopped He Xiong and turned to God Z.

    His expression was solemn and grave at the thought of Lin Yan causing such huge trouble. However, he did not believe that God Z would agree.

    He Dingkun said, "Since this has already happened, let's think of a solution. God Z, my apologies for implicating your team."
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