294 Big Brothers Health Is Fragile

    God Z shook his head promptly. "Don't say that. I've considered it seriously before making this decision."

    He Dingkun and He Xiong exchanged looks of puzzlement when they heard God Z.

    Could... God Z have such confidence in Mingkai?

    God Z's gaze landed on Lin Yan before he replied softly, "I have confidence in the He family team."

    He Xiong acted as though someone had injected a spurt of energy into him. He immediately quipped excitedly, "It's an honor for us that you place such high hopes on Mingkai! Don't worry, he will do his best!"

    He Mingkai, who was being praised in front of everyone, puffed up. Combined with the adrenaline rush from his earlier victory, his confidence had skyrocketed. "God Z, I will not fail you!"

    God Z was speechless...

    Pei Yutang had been left speechless too...

    God Z and Pei Yutang shot furtive glances at each other, their expressions indescribable.

    The competition would take place next month. It would be futile, no matter how hard he worked...

    God Z noticed that Lin Yan had not spoken at all. However, he knew that they would be enlightened once the organizers and committee released the competition footage. In no time, they would discover who had led them to victory.

    Since Lin Yan had made a promise earlier, they knew that she would race personally.

    There was no way ZH1 could defeat WW, so he could only take a risk and pin his hopes on Lin Yan.

    Actually, Lin Yan was quite glad that she would be able to take part, as this was only a qualifying competition. She had been banned from international competitions.

    "Argh, how annoying! I thought that you would be able to race today! Who knew all these idiots would mess things up!" Pei Yutang seized this chance to whisper to Lin Yan while everyone else was talking to God Z. "Sister Yan, why did you become Pei Yutang's navigator? You're an ace player, yet you chose to be the assistant of an amateur? What a waste of precious talent!"

    Actually, that had been really risky.

    On one hand, there was no way her grandfather would allow her to become a racer. On the other hand, this had been an outdoor rally race. This type of race required too much energy and would take a toll on her. Her left leg was still recovering, so she wouldn't be able to take part either.

    Hence, Lin Yan didn't bother explaining.

    She noticed that Pei Yutang had addressed her as Big Sister-In-Law once again. She coughed gently to clear her throat. "How is your brother's health?"

    Pei Yutang turned glum as he muttered, "He had several tests, and his condition is currently stable... But..."

    Lin Yan pressed on. "But what?"

    "This is only temporary. My brother's health is just like a massive rock that weighs a million tons and is hanging by a thin thread! In a nutshell, the situation is complex. Besides, my brother fainted yesterday night again..."

    Lin Yan became anxious. "He fainted yesterday? Why didn't you mention it earlier? How is he now?"

    Pei Yutang quipped, "He is fine... but this has happened many times. He will just lose consciousness without any warning... I wonder if it's a repercussion of his worsening condition..."

    Lin Yan muttered aloud, "Your Big Brother... What kind of illness does he have?"

    Pei Yutang's eyes swiveled before he answered, "My brother's health has always been fragile! He doesn't show it normally and he likes to put on a brave front. However, he can never be provoked or angered. Especially regarding affairs of the heart!"
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