296 An Awakening Slap For All of Them

    Before Wang Liao could continue, another man added, "Old Master, he is right. Your granddaughter doesn't know anything! Even if she really couldn't endure the speed, she shouldn't have made Lefeng stop in the middle of a race! If it hadn't been for Mingkai, we would have been a joke to everyone!"

    "Guys, we're already a joke. So what if we won? She dared to challenge the WW team in the presence of reporters. What a joke! Who does she think she is! Did she really think that she is a real navigator or a racer? She has already given us so much trouble during this competition that we were almost humiliated! How could she be so clueless?"

    He Lefeng wanted to retort when they dumped accusations on Lin Yan. In the end, he gave up and sighed heavily to himself.

    "Dad, how do we even hold our heads high without Mingkai? She is even more vicious than her mother!" He Xiong added angrily.

    "Stop it!" He Dingkun frowned sternly at He Xiong. "Her mother is your sister, and she is your niece!"

    "Niece?" He Xiong sneered. "Dad, I'm not that blessed if I have a niece who is out to ruin her own family..."

    He Dingkun sighed and turned to Lin Yan. "Xiaoyan, go back first..."

    Lin Yan nodded, looking unruffled as she left silently.


    "Mingkai, thankfully, we had you today! Otherwise, that jinx would have destroyed us all!" He Xiong glanced at He Mingkai.

    "Dad, let's break off all ties with her. She is good at nothing except causing trouble," He Mingkai replied nonchalantly.

    Before He Mingkai could continue, the commentator's voice was heard from the screen.

    The commentator remarked, "This competition has ended, but we have discovered some fascinating information and recordings. This concerns the He family team... To be specific, He Lefeng's navigator..."

    Everyone turned their heads towards the screen at the same time.

    Lin Yan's voice was heard.

    "Overtake him!" she said.

    He Lefeng replied, "How do I overtake him?"

    "Move your car closer to the mountain and turn your steering wheel 90 degrees," instructed Lin Yan sharply.

    A second later, they replayed the scene in slow motion.

    Everyone watched as the silver car picked up speed abruptly and overtook the car ahead.

    The moment it overtook the car, the silver car swerved and drifted for 40 meters. When the winding road ended, the silver car turned straight once more and sped off in the blink of an eye.


    "The Side Horizontal Drift!"

    "This is the Side Horizontal Drift?"

    Everyone's eyes swiveled to the quiet He Lefeng.

    Even He Dingkun was overwhelmed by amazement and disbelief.

    "This is just a coincidence," Wang Liao opined dully as he glanced at He Lefeng.

    Lin Yan's voice floated into their ears once more. "Once the road gets broader in about 120 meters, increase your speed and step on it with half your force."
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