297 She Was the One Who Had Led the He Family to Victory

    "Shift the gear to number five, stay left and move forward for the next 80 meters. Then, shift to gear number four, stay left and accelerate to the maximum. Keep speeding in a straight line."

    "Once the road gets broader in about 120 meters, increase your speed and step on it with half your force."

    "This... Doesn't she sound like a professional navigator?" a He family team member spluttered in disbelief.

    "She is analyzing the current situation!" someone exclaimed.

    She hadn't memorized any information. Instead, she had analyzed the circumstances, the situation, any possible things that could happen, as well as the terrain. She had combined everything to give the racer accurate and specific information. Even the most professional navigator might not be able to do that!

    "Whose navigator is that?"

    "I think... it's He Lefeng's?"

    "That woman? Impossible!"

    "It can't be her!"

    Everyone in the He family team was stunned while they heard the recording in disbelief.


    A second later, Lin Yan's voice was heard again.

    "Sister Yan, what's wrong?"

    "Just wait here."

    "Huh? We are not continuing?"

    "Stop talking and listen to me."


    The next scene on the screen made everyone's jaws drop.

    The silver car, which had stopped after finishing its first round, suddenly bolted out to block the cars from Old Tang's team.

    Thanks to Lin Yan's accurate judgment and instructions, the two cars failed to overtake He Lefeng's car, no matter how hard they tried.

    Lin Yan's voice interrupted their shock.

    "Switch on the radio once more and inform Grandfather. Get Mingkai to overtake them from the right. His speed has to be fast."

    He Mingkai, who had originally been in third place, had finally caught up with He Lefeng's car. He Lefeng's car swiftly made space for He Mingkai to allow him to overtake him successfully.

    Subsequently, the other He family racers also overtook He Lefeng's car successfully. They also noticed on the screen that He Lefeng's car had blocked the rest of the cars while letting his own team members go!

    All the He family racers had been concentrated on the race, so they hadn't noticed. After watching the replay, especially when the slow-motion effect was used, everything became much clearer.

    "This... My car also... It's a hoax!" Wang Liao's eyes were huge with shock as he gawked at his car on the screen.

    "This..." The old master sprang to his feet in complete shock.

    He Xiong's face had hardened and turned gloomy. He Mingkai, who was next to him, looked sullen.



    Lin Yan's voice rang again.

    "Move to the right and reverse."

    "Sister Yan, why are we doing this? Can you explain?"

    "He Mingkai's tires are about to explode at any moment."

    True enough, they heard a loud bang and saw He Mingkai's tires burst on the screen.

    "Push his car towards the finish line," instructed Lin Yan.


    Silence stretched uncomfortably in the hall as everyone's expressions contained disbelief, shock, and astonishment.

    He Mingkai, who had still been bragging and boasting about how he had gotten first place earlier, had now frozen.

    This was impossible!
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