298 This Woman Is That Capable?

    He Lefeng, who had been feeling aggrieved for quite some time, finally felt important and superior. Who would doubt him when this video footage served as evidence?

    He sprang to his feet and surveyed the silent crowd. Then, he scoffed coldly and said, "Why did all of you try to claim credit for yourselves just now? Without Sister Yan, would you have been able to reach the finish line? You can only dream about winning the championship."

    He Lefeng finally exploded and vented the grudges and grievances he had been holding in.

    Then, the commentator continued excitedly, "This is weird... I'm both curious and astonished.  How could such a unique navigator exist in our country? This navigator has indeed led the He family team single-handedly to victory..."

    "What the... This... This woman... is that capable?"

    "This level of professionalism and expertise... I've never met someone like her!"

    "This is impossible. I thought she didn't know anything about racing?"

    All the members of the He family team glanced at each other in utter shock and disbelief.

    Then, someone recalled what Lin Yan had mentioned before the competition. It was as though he had suddenly seen the light as he spluttered, "Oh right... I remember that when Mingkai was checking his car, she said that something was wrong with his tires... To think that she was right all along..."

    "Yeah! If she hadn't made Lefeng push Mingkai's car past the finish line, we would have let the championship slip by!"

    Throughout this entire race, Lin Yan had used her incredible, accurate judgment to lead He Mingkai to the trophy.

    Everyone turned to He Mingkai. Their gazes, which had initially contained reverence, now looked strange.

    They had assumed that He Mingkai had unleashed his hidden potential. Who knew that...

    He Mingkai stared at the screen as he listened to the commentator's conclusion. 'This navigator has indeed led the He family team single-handedly to victory...' His face fell and turned ugly.

    Damn it! Was he implying that he had relied on a woman to clinch this victory?

    He Xiong looked mystified as he wondered why that lass would be so experienced.

    He remembered that when his youngest brother had been around, that lass had been very close to him. He reckoned that she must have learned all this from him.

    He Xiong snorted coldly and hissed, "I didn't think that this lass would be such a good navigator... But so what? Can a navigator be compared to a racer? Once we lose the competition to the WW team, we will become the laughing stock of the industry!"

    He reeled off swiftly, "Even if she is qualified to be a navigator, who does she think she is? Does she really see herself as a professional racer who can challenge WW? No matter how good she is, a navigator can never substitute a racer, let alone beat them!"

    He Mingkai's expression softened a little when he heard his father. "My dad is right. She wouldn't be able to beat any of us, let alone the WW team!"

    All the team members nodded in agreement.

    They were somewhat right. A racer needed hands-on experience. They would just be indulging in empty talk if she could only be a navigator...

    He Xiong remarked pompously, "Since her ability has been proven, we can allow her to assist Mingkai. She should be up to the task!"
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