299 Putting on a Pretense After Getting a Bargain

    He Xiong's eyes landed on He Mingkai.

    He Mingkai coughed softly and replied arrogantly, "I can allow her to try."

    He Lefeng frowned when he heard them. Sister Yan's professionalism and expertise as a navigator may not be on par with the navigators in top prestigious national teams, but she was already very good. However, these people were acting as though they had been forced to accept her. How dare they put on a pretense when they had gotten a bargain!

    He Dingkun remarked solemnly in his gruff voice, "Xiaoyan's expertise as a navigator has reached a professional level. Pairing her with Mingkai would be a good idea."

    "Yeah!" one of the team members quipped earnestly, "Miss Lin's capability has surpassed all of us. Making her Mingkai's navigator would be an honor for her too!"

    "As navigators yourselves, what do you think of Lin Yan?" a He family racer asked as he turned.

    "She's not bad. She isn't the best either, but she is good."

    "Indeed, she played a huge part in our victory today... However, she also capitalized on the crucial moments and took advantage of them. She is definitely not the best navigator, but if she were to be paired with Mingkai, I think it would work out."

    "Qing Li, what is your opinion?" He Mingkai's gaze fell on a young man. "You're the most professional navigator in our team. Say something."

    Qing Li chuckled and replied, "She is not bad. She is shrewd and sharp, but I think she has memorized all the information beforehand. Therefore, I can't conclude that she is the best, but she is still quite good."

    "In that case, Qing Li, you can coach Lin Yan and teach her," He Xiong said.

    "I don't take in apprentices..." Qing Li was momentarily taken aback before he tactfully replied, "But since Uncle He Xiong has asked, it would be rude of me to decline. I'm very strict, though."

    "Shouldn't we ask Sister Yan first?" He Lefeng frowned at them.

    Although they may sound logical and convincing, he was the only one who was clear about Sister Yan's ability and skills!

    Qing Li could be considered an average navigator, yet he wanted to take her in as an apprentice?

    He Xiong replied in a condescending tone, "What can she say? Mingkai is the best racer in our team and he carries all our hopes on his shoulders. Being his navigator would be an honor for her! Besides, Qing Li is the best navigator we have. She will be getting free coaching and guidance with Qing Li as her coach. Shouldn't she be grateful and overjoyed?"

    "Exactly! Even ZH1's captain thinks highly of Mingkai. This also means that we think highly of Lin Yan's ability. Otherwise, we wouldn't suggest pairing her up with Mingkai!"

    He Dingkun cleared his throat and replied in his deep voice, "I will talk with Xiaoyan some other time."


    In the meantime, at a majestic, luxurious mansion in the outskirts of the capital city...

    Wei Xufeng was with a group of friends at his place. Qi Shaoyuan was present as well.

    His friends were also racing enthusiasts like him.

    In the grand, spacious hall was a huge crystal screen that was playing the He family's competition that day.
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