300 Sister Yans Fan Forever

    "This navigator has indeed led the He family team single-handedly to victory..."

    The commentator's excited voice was heard from the screen.

    Today's competition had originally been a minor one without much coverage or attention. However, it had garnered people's interest and attention after the video footage had been revealed.

    The attention and focus had heightened after the WW team had tried to challenge ZH1.

    This had sparked an interest and led to a heated discussion amongst the fans in the hall.

    "Female racers are rare, but there is a handful of female navigators. After all, they can be quite precise. This navigator of the He family team is indeed good."

    "I heard that she is He Dingkun's granddaughter. She seems professional, and her strategy was good. However, no matter what, she is still only a navigator. How could this woman accept the challenge on behalf of her team? Isn't she really pompous and full of herself?"

    "She is too fearless and ignorant! Does she think that racing is just talk?"


    There was a function online that allowed viewers to post comments in videos in real time. Right now, criticism was pouring in.

    Some of the fans expressed their admiration for Lin Yan's capability. Meanwhile, most of WW fans hurled criticism at Lin Yan for taking advantage of their team.

    'Does she think she is really that good? Seems like she is only good at talking. She possesses no real skills. She is merely pleasing the crowds.'

    'How dare she talk big and accept WW's challenge? What gave her the courage to do so? Does she think that she can be a racer after memorizing some theories? Does she think that a racing car is just like another car?'

    'I can't wait to see WW crush them completely. This will vanquish the shameless methods that some lousy teams have in mind!'

    'I support WW! Teach her a good lesson!'


    Wei Xufeng slumped in his chair as he stared blankly at the entertainment news playing on the screen. He had entered a reverie.

    Earlier on, the voices of Lin Yan and He Lefeng had been etched in his mind.

    Her aura and tone had made his blood rush through his body. He felt as though he was on fire.

    That woman, Lin Yan, really was quite capable...

    She must have researched and memorized these tactics and strategies beforehand. After all, it would be easy for her since she hailed from a family who had a history in racing.

    He had always respected and admired professionals.

    If she hadn't deliberately tried to pretend to be Yeva, he wouldn't have disliked her so much.

    Qi Shaoyuan was like the odd one out.

    That guy had been using his phone the entire evening, as though something fascinating had caught his eye.

    Wei Xufeng studied Qi Shaoyuan, who looked as though his eyes couldn't be peeled off his phone. He snatched away his phone in a huff and snapped, "What are you looking at? You've been looking at your phone for hours! Since when have you been addicted to your phone?"

    He bowed his head and glanced at the screen. Then, he saw...

    Qi Shaoyuan was browsing Lin Yan's Weibo account. He had been creating a post...

    'Ah... What a beautiful, lovely little fairy! Sister Yan is the best! Sister Yan is the most beautiful girl in the world! Today, I was mesmerized by the heavenly fairy called Sister Yan!'

    Qi Shaoyuan's nickname was 'Sister Yan's Fan Forever'!

    Wei Xufeng looked as though he had just seen a ghost when he read Qi Shaoyuan's post and new nickname. "Qi Shaoyuan... are you insane? Did you damage your brain?"
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