301 Afraid That Her Boyfriend Would Get Jealous

    Qi Shaoyuan snatched his phone back furiously and bellowed, "Give me back my phone! You're the one whose brains are damaged!"

    He immediately sent his Weibo post and continued to like and comment on every single one of Lin Yan's posts.

    His compliments were thrust amongst a pile of criticism that was exceedingly striking.

    "Why are you suddenly idolizing celebrities? I don't mind if you want to... but you can choose any celebrity... Why did you choose her? I think you have severe brain damage!" Wei Xufeng scoffed in contempt.

    Qi Shaoyuan peered at Wei Xufeng as though he was far more superior. "Moron! What do you know? From this day onward, I'll be Sister Yan's die-hard fan. Don't you dare insult my goddess!"

    "Just because she resembles Yeva? She is just making a fool of herself by impersonating Yeva! Are you blind? How dare you claim that you are Boss' fan! You must be a fake fan!" Wei Xufeng shouted angrily.

    Qi Shaoyuan was shaking with anger as he hollered, "You are the one who is blind! You're the fake fan!"

    Wei Xufeng was indeed blind. How dare he attack him instead!

    Wei Xufeng threw him a long calculating look. "She is just an impersonator! No matter how much she resembles Boss, I will never betray Boss! That woman dared to accept the challenge, but let's see if she will dare to take them on when the day arrives!"

    Qi Shaoyuan smirked coldly in response.


    At night, Lin Yan was browsing Weibo when she suddenly received a call from Duoduo.

    "Sister Yan, what have you done again?" Duoduo's voice floated into her ears the moment she answered.

    Lin Yan blinked in confusion. "What? Me?"

    "Go and read Wei Xufeng's Weibo update!"

    "Huh? Wei Xufeng?"

    Lin Yan quickly went to Wei Xufeng's Weibo account.

    Then, she saw it. There was an extremely eye-grabbing post on Wei Xufeng's Weibo page.

    It was the post where he said that he would only fall for her if he turned blind.

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched as she recalled what Wei Xufeng had said.

    Was this guy a kid? He had reposted it...

    He would simply vent on Weibo every time he felt irked or annoyed...

    Forget it. She shall not take it to heart since he was her fan.

    She really doted on her fans.

    Duoduo, who was on the other side of the line, was completely exasperated. "The photo of you talking to Han Yixuan has garnered enough criticism. Now, during this crucial period, even Wei Xufeng added fuel to the fire. I know that the photo was deliberately cropped to malign you. Even Wei Xufeng has become ridiculous. He was the one who pestered you. He should be aware of it himself, even if no one else is. What does he mean by that again?"

    Lin Yan's mouth curled gleefully as she listened quietly.

    That lass probably didn't realize that her attitude towards her had changed.

    "Stay calm! We will be fine in a few more days. I just have a few scenes left! I will never enter such a deadly production again!" Lin Yan comforted Duoduo.

    Duoduo replied, "Don't lie to me. You will accept any offer that pays well."

    Lin Yan responded, "Errr..."

    To think that Duoduo understood her so well...

    Actually, she had really meant it.

    She wasn't afraid of being criticized or lambasted by the public and her haters.

    Instead, she was afraid that... her boyfriend might get jealous...
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