302 Looking At My Own Boyfriend

    Lin Yan's filming schedule was so hectic that she barely had time to rest in the next few days.

    Her grandfather gave her a call to discuss the competition with the WW team next month. Lin Yan had planned to wrap up filming before she discussed this with her grandfather.

    She had watched the replay of the competition. Although her ability as a navigator had been proven, others still considered her just a navigator. Being a racer meant that she needed skills and techniques. She needed to convince her grandfather if she wanted to compete in the competition.

    The film progressed smoothly.

    Lin Yan had immersed herself in her role as a career woman who focused only on her work. Wei Xufeng's attitude wasn't that good towards her, but he was still professional during filming. He treated her like Lin Pianruo, the woman he loved and hated.

    In no time, Lin Yan only had one last scene left.

    It was a scene with Pei Nanxu.

    Pei Nanxu was filming with Jiang Sifei while Lin Yan, who had just finished her makeup, went to the waiting area for her turn.

    The filming took place in the outskirts of the city. The place was charming, quiet, and lovely.

    Lin Yan sat on the chair as she watched Pei Nanxu from afar. She was a little nervous, as this was the first time she would be acting with her beloved idol.

    Duoduo was rather surprised to see Lin Yan get nervous.

    She had been filming for quite a number of days and she had always appeared nonchalant and cool, no matter who the other party was. Her scenes with Wei Xufeng had gone exceptionally well.

    However, this wasn't that unfathomable. After all, Lin Yan was Pei Nanxu's fan and she was probably excited.

    "Sister Yan, try to curb your excitement later. Don't attempt to do anything rash..." Duoduo couldn't help but nag her.

    Lin Yan was preparing for her role as a domineering president by repeatedly watching Pei Yucheng's videos. As she watched, she muttered, "Don't worry, I cherish my life..."

    Besides, how could she dare?

    Duoduo caught a glimpse of Lin Yan's phone at that moment. She realized that Lin Yan had been repeatedly watching the same videos of who seemed to be the same man.

    Although she just had a glimpse, she could tell that he was a gorgeous, really good-looking man.

    Duoduo, who became wary, asked, "Sister Yan, what are you watching so secretively? It has been hours!"

    Lin Yan raised an eyebrow as she propped her chin on a hand. "I'm watching the video of a man. I can't even watch videos now?"

    The corners of Duoduo's mouth twitched. A second later, she saw the back view of a man who only had a towel wrapped around his waist and was standing by a swimming pool. Her face fell and she became solemn. "You... How can you watch these restricted videos? Can't you exercise more restraint?"

    Lin Yan retorted, "Why should I restrain myself?"

    She was watching her boyfriend. So what if he was half-naked?

    In hindsight... Pei Yucheng had been abroad for almost a week and she'd had no contact with him whatsoever.

    Pei Yucheng hadn't called or texted her at all. Lin Yan, who was an idiot when it came to relationships, was at a loss about what she should do. Thus, Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang were the ones who helped them relay messages.
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