304 My Idols Acting Was Brilliant!

    Chen Jing was staring out of the window when Lin Pianruo entered the room. He turned to her and his expression changed immediately.

    Earlier, Pei Nanxu had seemed quiet and non-threatening. However, the moment he laid eyes on Lin Pianruo, his aura spilled over. That vicious, decisive, smart businessman had returned.

    His sharp, intense gaze made Lin Yan shudder involuntarily.

    He was indeed the most beloved award-winning actor in the country...

    His performance was remarkable!

    He had been so gentle earlier, yet there was absolutely no trace of him right now.

    His acting skills were brilliant!

    Lin Yan quickly snapped out of her reverie and ignored Chen Jing's hostile gaze. She walked over to the bed and sat down on a chair beside it.

    Chen Jing narrowed his eyes as he studied his arch enemy. His eyes gleamed shrewdly as he said, "President Lin, welcome. My apologies for the lack of hospitality."

    Chen Jing's expression seemed calm, but the suffocating pressure coming from him had filled the entire room. Even the staff felt it, let alone Lin Yan, who was right beside him.

    Lin Yan tried to gather all her concentration so that she would remain unruffled. She forced herself to say her lines. "President Chen, you have merely encountered a small setback. Why have you collapsed?"

    Jiang Yiming frowned at the screen in puzzlement.

    Something was wrong...

    Although her expression and lines were correct, Lin Yan's aura had diminished.

    It was different from what he had pictured.

    At the moment, Pei Nanxu appeared pale and weak in the hospital gown and seemed to have lost all his former awe-inspiring glory. However, his gaze made everyone feel that he was still the invincible Chen Jing who would never admit defeat. He looked at Lin Yan as though she was just a clown who was there to deliver a blow.

    Even if a dragon was stranded, it was still a dragon.

    Lin Yan had been completely stunned by Pei Nanxu, who portrayed Chen Jing flawlessly.

    Lin Yan said, "It's your only option if you want to work with me..."

    Jiang Yiming interrupted impatiently and shook his head. "Stop! Do it again!"

    Lin Yan jerked and exhaled deeply. She knew that she hadn't acted well.

    Jiang Yiming marched over to Lin Yan, looking conflicted. "Lin Yan, what's wrong? Are you okay today?"

    Pei Nanxu replied gracefully, "Actually, Miss Lin acted well."

    Jiang Yiming nodded and reeled off, "I didn't say that she performed poorly. However... Lin Yan, you're already a good actress despite not being properly trained. I expected more from you. You can be even better than this. Do you understand?"

    Lin Yan had no idea how she should respond.

    How had she acted when she had lost consciousness? Had she really acted so well?

    Pei Nanxu replied patiently, "It's okay. Let's try a few more times."

    Jiang Yiming glanced at Lin Yan and explained, "There aren't many lines in this scene. The most crucial factor is your aura. You have to understand that Lin Pianruo is Chen Jing's only rival. How can her aura be completely crushed by him?

    Although I can get Nanxu to adjust his acting to complement you, it would bring down the whole quality of the scene! Hence, the only solution is for you to match him!

    For instance, you interpreted your first line wrong. It sounded as though you were gloating gleefully. During the second line, you were completely overwhelmed by Nanxu's aura. How will you make the audience believe that you would be able to get Chen Jing to work with you with just some words and a gaze?"
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