308 A Soul That Misses Her

    Feng Anhua scratched his nose after he was lambasted. "Director Jiang, calm down. Cool down first and listen to me. I've watched their previous takes. You are aware of how good Nanxu's acting is, yet you asked him to give his everything. His acting is the best in the entertainment industry, yet you are demanding that Lin Yan, who is new to acting, must match his aura? Isn't that too much?"

    Jiang Yiming finally managed to calm down a little. Deep down, he was aware of these facts too. Perhaps Lin Yan's audition had created his high expectations, which was why he wanted her to do exactly the same.

    "Lin Yan, how did you act during the audition? Can you try to recollect?" Feng Anhua suggested.

    Lin Yan was having a huge headache right now. If only she could remember.

    The problem was that she couldn't...

    "Sorry, it was probably just a coincidence..." Lin Yan replied helplessly.

    Jiang Yiming was disappointed when he heard Lin Yan, even though her performance had been good enough.

    "Forget it, my expectations of you were too high. Let's try one more time. Nanxu, maybe you can try to hold it in a little..." Jiang Yiming had to compromise in the end.

    Feng Anhua heaved a sigh of relief and urged them, "Everyone, get back to work! Let's try one last time!"

    In the meantime, on a private jet...

    A man was sitting quietly in a luxurious cabin, watching his phone intently.

    He had sent that text for quite some time, but Lin Yan hadn't replied.

    The man turned and looked out of the window as his thoughts flew away...

    Finally, billowing waves of yearning and nostalgia took over him entirely along with his soul, which led him to the girl who was miles away...

    Amid the clouds, the man slowly closed his eyes. His phone fell to the floor and he lost consciousness...


    "Everyone, one last time! Lin Yan, are you ready?" Jiang Yiming shouted.

    "Don't worry. Just relax!" Pei Nanxu consoled her once more.

    Jiang Yiming had finally allowed Pei Nanxu to hold back, which would make things easier for Lin Yan.

    "Okay." Lin Yan inhaled deeply. She hadn't been able to meet his expectations, and Pei Nanxu was acting with her. How could she not feel upset and disheartened?

    What could she do, though? She would never be able to match Pei Nanxu's aura.

    Would she really need a domineering president to possess her?

    "I'm ready! Let's begin!" Lin Yan replied.

    The crew member holding the clapboard shouted for them to start.

    Outside the hospital ward, Lin Yan closed her eyes to adjust her emotions. She straightened her back as she breathed in.

    A moment later, the girl opened her eyes and pushed the door.

    The moment Lin Yan opened the door, the cameras zoomed in on her face.

    As soon as the girl opened her eyes, her sparkling, clear eyes transformed into a dark abyss...

    She might have appeared calm and composed, but her eyes contained an overwhelming aura that made people avoid her gaze.

    She had merely opened the door and glanced at Pei Nanxu casually, yet her authoritative aura had already enveloped the entire room.

    Pei Nanxu, who had been thinking of adjusting his acting, shuddered a little as he lay in bed.

    Jiang Yiming, who had given up all hope, widened his eyes suddenly. He didn't even dare to breathe as he stared unblinkingly at Lin Yan on the screen.
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