310 Since This Was Her Wish

    In the movie, even Chen Jing had tasted failure before. However, Lin Pianruo had not.

    Other shows boasted of the struggles or the difficulties faced by females in the workplace. However, the storyline would actually always revolve around the love life of the female lead. Lin Pianruo's character was truly a career-woman who cared about nothing else but her work. She was more driven than a man, and her character was a refreshing change for viewers. That was the reason she had attracted so many fans.

    Hence, Jiang Yiming had demanded that Lin Yan needed to suppress Pei Nanxu's aura. If she couldn't, she wouldn't live up to the role.

    Finally, Lin Yan had completely immersed herself into this character and beaten Pei Nanxu's aura.

    This was brilliant!

    Both Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua were shocked and astonished by 'Lin Yan''s performance.

    "This lass... is really good. Even if our biggest boss were to come here today, he would probably act like her..." Feng Anhua muttered under his breath.

    Jiang Yiming agreed readily with that statement. Lin Yan really resembled their boss' aura...

    "Shhh!" Jiang Yiming continued to monitor their performance on the screen nervously.

    Pei Nanxu was startled to realize that 'Lin Yan''s acting had overshadowed his performance.

    He had to compose himself before saying his line. "President Lin, welcome. My apologies for the lack of hospitality."

    'Lin Yan' heard him and stopped tapping. Her eyes gleamed coldly with aloofness while a storm seemed to be brewing in them.

    Pei Yucheng was displeased with the fact that Lin Yan had exhausted herself during filming.

    Both Feng Anhua and Jiang Yiming shuddered in fear.

    What had happened? Why did they feel as if a chill was traveling down their spines?

    Actually, Pei Nanxu was the one feeling the most stress. He merely forced himself to maintain a calm facade.

    'Lin Yan''s eyes darted to the window and she looked out, looking lost in her own thoughts...

    Pei Yutang's voice said, 'Big Sister-In-Law, you are obviously the one with the most powerful connections in the entertainment industry! Why don't you just use my brother's name?'

    Lin Yan's voice answered, "Forget it. What if they attack your brother for being blind? I should at least wait till I make my counterattack!"

    Pei Yutang's voice rang once more. 'What's the problem? Big Brother definitely wouldn't mind!'

    Lin Yan's voice answered again, 'No way! I would mind, even if he didn't! Your brother is the best and most perfect man in all aspects. His girlfriend has to be the best too!'


    When Pei Yucheng recalled Lin Yan's words, his expression softened a little. His aloofness and coldness dissipated and only his nonchalance remained.

    Pei Yucheng had read the script of Meeting One's Match. He had been gifted with an extraordinary memory so he could remember everything he had seen before. Thus, he knew Lin Yan's lines.

    Besides, this scene was the one Lin Yan had acted out during the audition.

    Since this was her wish, he would help her fulfill it.

    "President Chen, you have merely encountered a small setback. Why have you collapsed?"

    'Lin Yan' recited her lines slowly.

    Then, she stood up to leave after saying that.

    Before she departed, she added, "Working with me is your only option."


    "Cut! Perfect! Done-"

    Jiang Yiming yelled in excitement as 'Lin Yan' left the room after saying her lines.

    She hadn't used any acting techniques. Instead, she seemed to have recited her lines casually. However, her every word had held so much power and force. The effect was better than he had expected!

    During this scene, Pei Nanxu's aura had completely been overshadowed by hers...

    He was right! This girl was really gifted!
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