311 Did I Do Anything to You?

    "Lin Yan, that was amazing! I knew you could do it!" Jiang Yiming studied Lin Yan closely, as though he was looking at a gem.

    Pei Nanxu agreed as well. "Indeed, you were fantastic! Even I was almost affected by you."

    Although he was smiling, his smile froze suddenly.

    What was going on?

    Filming had ended, yet he still felt that familiar sense of panic and fear when he looked at Lin Yan.

    The atmosphere turned strange.

    Feng Anhua coughed softly to ease the tension. "She must be too engrossed to pull herself out of the role!"

    Jiang Yiming chimed in quickly. "Yeah, this scene really used up more energy! Lin Yan, congratulations! All your scenes are done!"

    He had never thought that Lin Yan would give him so many surprises despite her lack of experience.

    Other than the flawless acting skills she had displayed with Wei Xufeng, the difficult scene today with Pei Nanxu had also blown him away.

    All the crew members began to clap for her.

    Although they hadn't had a good impression of Lin Yan initially, they realized that she wasn't such a difficult person to get along with. She was, in fact, down-to-earth and everyone had witnessed her performance.


    "Lin Yan, congratulations on completing your scenes!"


    A crew member strode over to her with a bouquet of flowers.

    When Lin Yan regained her senses, this was the scene that greeted her.

    Jiang Yiming was applauding her and praising her generously. Someone stuffed a bouquet into her hands while she was surrounded by all the crew members.

    She had finished filming?

    She hadn't even finished filming that scene. How could it be over?

    Lin Yan was a little flabbergasted. "I finished filming?"

    "Yeah! This was your last scene!" Pei Nanxu replied.

    "How could it be..."

    Hadn't she failed to meet Jiang Yiming's expectations?

    Lin Yan stopped herself mid-sentence as she realized what had happened.

    She reckoned that... she must have 'acted up' once more.

    Her memories stopped the moment before she had started filming. She couldn't recall what had happened, which was exactly what had happened before.

    Damn it. She hadn't lost her consciousness in a long while. She had thought she was fine!

    Why would it start again?

    Lin Yan was a little anxious that she had done something while she had lost her consciousness.

    According to experience, the other consciousness that took over her would always do something indescribable or shocking...

    She had done it to Pei Yucheng previously. What if that alter ego decided to lust after Pei Nanxu this time?

    "Ahem... Mr. Pei... Did I... do anything... inappropriate?" Lin Yan asked gingerly.

    Pei Nanxu couldn't quite comprehend Lin Yan's question. "Inappropriate?"

    Lin Yan scratched her head, unable to explain herself. She glanced at Jiang Yiming and coughed to clear her throat. "Director Jiang, can I take a look at my scene?"

    "Certainly!" Jiang Yiming led Lin Yan to the screen and said, "You can re-watch it and memorize it!"

    A second later, she saw the negotiation scene at the hospital.

    Shock flashed past Lin Yan's eyes and her expression froze when she saw herself.


    Was... this really her?

    Had she been possessed by Pei Yucheng?
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