312 Death Car

    There was no way she could act like that!

    No matter how good a person's acting may be, certain things were impossible to replicate.

    This was the first time she had seen how she behaved when she lost consciousness.

    Lin Yan studied 'herself' on the screen, feeling conflicted and overwhelmed.

    This wasn't just a temporary memory loss. It felt like... someone had stolen her body from her...

    "Oh yeah, Lin Yan. There is a gathering tonight. Don't forget to join us!" Feng Anhua interrupted Lin Yan's thoughts.

    "Ahh... Okay, okay." Lin Yan snapped out of her reverie.

    "How are you going there?" Pei Nanxu asked gently.

    "I will take the train," Lin Yan replied.

    Pei Nanxu frowned slightly and said, "This place is a little inconvenient, and it's hard to flag a taxi. If you want to take a train, you will have to walk a long distance. Why don't you drive in my car?"

    Lin Yan's eyes lit up instantly.

    However, she shook her head hastily. "It's okay! I can go there on my own!"

    What a joke! She had barely managed to survive this week. What if another situation cropped up? How would she be able to stay alive?

    Feng Anhua watched them quietly, his expression changing subtly.

    Although Pei Nanxu may appear gentlemanly and warm, he always kept a distance from others.

    To think that he would offer to drive Lin Yan! Wasn't he being too concerned?

    "Producer Feng, is there an extra car?" Pei Nanxu glanced at Feng Anhua when he realized that this could be inappropriate.

    Feng Anhua hurriedly quipped, "Yes, yes! We have a few. Lin Yan, wait here for me. I'll get someone to call a chauffeur to take you there."

    Lin Yan smiled at him gratefully. "Thank you, Producer Feng!"

    Pei Nanxu felt more at ease after hearing that. "Then I shall take my leave." He bid Lin Yan goodbye.

    "Sure, okay! Bye-bye!"


    Lin Yan picked up her bag and walked to the entrance. A minute later, a black car drove towards her slowly.

    The chauffeur peeked his head out and asked, "Miss Lin? Producer Feng asked me to fetch you. Please get in."

    "Okay." Lin Yan nodded and opened the door.

    In a split second, her brain was wrecked as she saw the four men inside the car.

    The red-haired, unruly-looking Wei Xufeng was wearing a black biker jacket with a pair of ripped jeans...

    Shen Chaomu was inside, looking alluring with his peach-blossom eyes. He was clad in a floral shirt, the top buttons unbuttoned as he slumped lazily on the seat...

    A handsome young man who was about 18 years old and was wearing a light blue sweatshirt was sitting inside, looking quiet and well-behaved... He was Tang Jiaye...

    Meanwhile, the elegant and aloof Han Yixuan was wearing a retro jewel-blue suit...

    This was...

    Something was wrong with the way she had opened the door!

    Lin Yan slammed the door in a panic.

    One second, two seconds, three seconds passed...

    Someone opened the door once again.

    Shen Chaomu, who was the nearest to the door winked at Lin Yan with his peach-blossom eyes. "Hi, rumored girlfriend. Why aren't you getting in?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Why would these four fellows be in the car?

    She had finally made it out alive and completed all her scenes. She had thought that everything was over. What was this all about?

    What kind of car was this?

    It seemed like a death car that would be driving her to hell!
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