313 If I Am Bound to Die

    "Hi, rumored girlfriend. Why aren't you getting in?"

    Shen Chaomu's words... echoed in Lin Yan's ears like a death bell.

    He wanted her to get in?

    What an international joke!

    Lin Yan had been secretly relieved that she'd only had to film with Wei Xufeng and Pei Nanxu. That way, she wouldn't have to meet the rest of the ticking time-bombs.

    It was also a coincidence that she had bumped into Han Yixuan previously...

    Who would have thought that Heaven would play such a tremendous joke on her!

    To speed up the filming process, the production crew had split up into two teams. Lin Yan had been in team B, while the rest of the cast had been in team A. They must have finished their scenes, so they were all on their way to attend the gathering.

    "Errr... No... It's fine... I'll go there myself..." Lin Yan declined firmly.

    Shen Chaomu noticed that Lin Yan looked as though she had just seen a car full of poisonous snakes and ferocious beasts. Amused by her reaction, he chuckled. "Are you sure? This place is really deserted, so you won't be able to get a taxi. If you want to commute on foot, it will be nightfall by the time you get there."

    Lin Yan unconsciously glanced at her left leg. She frowned, as she knew that she couldn't overexert her leg again.

    Besides, how could the crew arrange for another car especially for her?

    Shen Chaomu curled his lips cheekily. "If you continue to stand here, a reporter might snap a photo of you..."

    Lin Yan jerked. She had no choice but to get in!

    Anyway, no one would be able to snap photos of her inside the car. Plus, she could save money too!

    It was a spacious, comfortable car with six seats and three rows. Each seat came with a massage function.

    In the front seat was another crew member. Wei Xufeng and Shen Chaomu were sitting next to each other, Tang Jiaye was sitting in the second row, and Han Yixuan was sitting in the back.

    There were two empty seats, one beside Tang Jiaye and one beside Han Yixuan.

    Hence, Lin Yan had two options.

    Should she sit beside Tang Jiaye or Han Yixuan?

    Lin Yan's back was bent as she contemplated this quickly.

    Wei Xufeng, who was taking a nap, fluttered his eyelids to glance at Lin Yan. Tang Jiaye had unfolded a small extension table and was scribbling on a stack of examination papers. He seemed to be studying hard. Han Yixuan, who was sitting in the last row, watched her solemnly with a hint of aloofness.

    Shen Chaomu, who was the nearest to her, watched her as though she was amusing. He blinked and asked, "What's wrong, rumored girlfriend? Have you run out of choices?"

    Lin Yan's face hardened as she thought to herself. Could this guy stop calling her his rumored girlfriend?

    She rolled her eyes quietly at Shen Chaomu before she sat down behind him. She had taken the seat next to Tang Jiaye.

    Shen Chaomu studied her as he raised his brows. He feigned a look of surprise while he inched closer to her. "Wow... I thought that you would... sit in the last row."

    He cast Han Yixuan a long meaningful look.

    When Lin Yan's eyes darted to Shen Chaomu, she looked as though she had resigned herself to her fate. "Is there a difference? If I'm bound to die, why should I still choose?"

    Shen Chaomu was speechless...

    Tang Jiaye was speechless...

    Han Yixuan was speechless...

    Wei Xufeng was speechless...
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