314 My Boyfriend Will Be Jealous

    "Isn't this the same as dying at the hands of any of your fans? What is the difference?" Lin Yan muttered aloud.

    Shen Chaomu, who hadn't expected that Lin Yan would give such a reply, was momentarily dumbfounded before he burst into laughter. He gazed at her, looking interested.

    The girl had no makeup on and she had tied her hair into a simple ponytail. However, her styling didn't hide her beautiful features, especially that pair of twinkling eyes. Her tone sounded nonchalant and lazy, but she seemed sharp and shrewd. She wasn't frail and pretentious like the rumors had made her out to be. Instead, she could catch one's eye effortlessly...

    Lin Yan looked so different from the photos of her circulating online. Even her personality was different...

    Shen Chaomu propped his hand against his chin as he sized up the girl like a wily old fox. In a dramatic, mocking voice, he remarked, "Hey! I just realized that it's almost a full house today! Only Mr. Pei is missing. If he wasn't, all your rumored boyfriends would have a reunion!"

    Lin Yan's face was as dark as charcoal when she heard him.

    Why did he sound regretful?

    He was enjoying watching the world burn...

    Shen Chaomu smiled gleefully. "No worries! We can still play mahjong with four players!"

    Lin Yan cursed inwardly and screamed for him to shut up silently.

    She shot him a sharp look before she replied coldly, "How can I be compared to you? You are my senior. If you combine all your rumored girlfriends, you could probably summon a dragon!"

    Shen Chaomu was good-looking, suave, and eloquent. He had always been voted as the best lover by his fans.

    His private life was really exciting, and he had created a mountain of scandals. He changed girlfriends often and was well-known for being a playboy. The female celebrities he had dated were countless.

    Shen Chaomu seemed rather smug. "You are flattering me! Each new generation is better than the previous one. I reckon I will be defeated by you soon!"

    Damn it!

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched and she simply zipped her hoodie to cover half of her face. She pulled her cap lower and ignored Shen Chaomu.

    Shen Chaomu added airily, "It's a little dark inside the car, so no one would be able to see us. Don't be so nervous. Besides, I wouldn't mind creating a few more scandals..."

    He was buried in scandals! Of course he wouldn't mind!

    She was different, though!

    Lin Yan glanced at Shen Chaomu and replied dully, "I mind. Thank you."

    She paused but then decided to shut Shen Chaomu up. Thus, she added, "My boyfriend will be jealous."

    She realized that she had finally remembered that she had a boyfriend.

    Pei Yucheng had been really scary previously, so the shock still lingered in her.

    Han Yixuan frowned unconsciously while Wei Xufeng narrowed his eyes quietly.

    Shen Chaomu raised his eyebrows. "You have a boyfriend?"

    Lin Yan's eyes darted swiftly to him. "Is there a problem?"

    Although she didn't want to reveal her boyfriend's identity, she didn't mind hiding the fact that she had one.

    Shen Chaomu appeared shocked. "Really! So one of us is really your boyfriend!"

    Lin Yan felt as though a vein in her head had exploded.

    What kind of conclusion was that? When had she ever said that her boyfriend was one of them?

    When everyone heard Shen Chaomu, their eyes darted instinctively to Lin Yan. Even Tang Jiaye raised his head from his papers.
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