315 Please Be Human

    Lin Yan was about to clarify when Shen Chaomu hazarded a guess. "Could it be Wei Xufeng? Earlier on, I sensed that something strange was going on... Judging by Wei Xufeng's personality, he should have gotten you kicked out of the movie... That means that the two of you..."

    Before Shen Chaomu could finish, Wei Xufeng cast him a murderous look. "Shen Chaomu, do you have a death wish?"

    He despised female celebrities like Lin Yan, who only knew how to create scandals.

    In his opinion, a powerful and strong woman like Boss was the most attractive and charming woman in the world. She had never relied on anyone but herself.

    No way would he want his reputation and name to be tainted by this kind of woman!

    Shen Chaomu gloated gleefully. "Alright then, I forgot about your Weibo post! I also remember that you have sworn to remain chaste for your goddess, Yeva!"

    Wei Xufeng snorted coldly in response.

    Shen Chaomu turned to Han Yixuan and probed, "Could it be... Brother Xuan?"

    Han Yixuan's face fell, and he looked annoyed and gloomy. He threw a warning look at Lin Yan to silence her.

    Shen Chaomu muttered loudly, "That doesn't seem likely..."

    How could anyone not know that Han Yixuan was taken?

    Lin Yan's eyes scanned Han Yixuan's face as she replied airily, "Of course it's not likely! I'm not blind!"

    Lin Yan's remark caused Han Yixuan's expression to turn even uglier.

    He had assumed that Lin Yan would continue to pester and harass him by proclaiming that he was her boyfriend. To think that she would deny it right away with such a remark!

    Shen Chaomu was surprised by how Lin Yan had replied. He had thought that she would pander to Han Yixuan...

    A sudden thought struck him before he turned to look at Tang Jiaye in horror and blurted aloud, "Our little boy isn't even legal yet! Are you even human?"

    Tang Jiaye coughed violently and waved his hands. "No... it's... not me..."

    Lin Yan clenched her fists as she shot Shen Chaomu's a murderous glare. "Who said that it's him? You should learn to be human instead!"

    What kind of wretched, lewd thoughts was he having?

    "But I'm not your boyfriend either. Who could it be?" Shen Chaomu's curiosity was piqued.

    Lin Yan gritted her teeth. "Did I mention that it's one of you? Can you stop making things up, Senior Shen?"


    Lin Yan had almost died of frustration and exasperation thanks to Shen Chaomu.

    When they finally reached the hotel entrance, Lin Yan almost flew out of the car.

    Feng Anhua and the others had already arrived.

    Lin Yan bolted toward Feng Anhua the moment she saw him. "Producer..."

    "Lin Yan, you're here!" Feng Anhua noticed that Lin Yan didn't look too well. "Are you alright?"

    Lin Yan inhaled deeply. "Producer Feng, did you arrange for the car?"

    "Yeah, there's no need to thank me. We have always taken good care of our celebrities!" Feng Anhua smiled cheerfully.

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. "Did you know that there were others in the car?"

    "Young Master Wei was inside, right?" Feng Anhua looked perplexed.

    Lin Yan reeled off, "Han Yixuan, Shen Chaomu, and Tang Jiaye as well."

    Feng Anhua looked awkward. "Oh..."
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