316 Deliberately Creating Scandals

    Feng Anhua saw Wei Xufeng, Han Yixuan, Shen Chaomu, and Tang Jiaye walking behind Lin Yan.

    He stared at this troop of men, momentarily stumped. Then, he asked in a feeble voice, "Why are the three of them here?"

    Lin Yan stroked her eyebrows and sighed. "Producer Feng, are you getting rid of me because I completed all my scenes and you don't need me anymore?"

    Feng Anhua coughed softly. "Ahem, Lin Yan, what are you talking about? This is just a misunderstanding. I didn't know they would be in the car as well. Did anything happen?"

    Lin Yan, who had just escaped from the depths of hell, did not wish to talk at all.

    "Luckily, nothing happened. If the paparazzi had caught me, I would have been hauled by all their fans to be sacrificed to the Gods!"

    That was a trivial matter. If Pei Yucheng were to catch wind of this, she would die...

    Feng Anhua comforted her. "Actually, it's not a big deal! Just treat this as a publicity campaign of our PR department. One scandal of yours would generate so much buzz!"

    This was actually a huge truck of explosive scandals...

    Lin Yan's face darkened as she secretly thought to herself that Feng Anhua might have done this deliberately. He had wanted a major scandal to boot...

    Almost everyone in the production team had come together. The director, assistant director, producer, scriptwriter, and all the actors were there.

    Han Yixuan had merely made a cameo appearance, yet he was an A-list actor with a prominent background. Hence, he had also been invited and was currently sitting next to Pei Nanxu.

    Han Yixuan hadn't revealed his identity as the young master of the Han family. It was the paparazzi who had dug into his background and discovered that Han Yixuan hailed from an influential, prestigious family of the capital city. When the news had broken out initially, it had caused a huge sensation.

    Actually, Lin Yan had not known when she had first met Han Yixuan either. She thought that he had merely been a student who had gone overseas to study. After dating him for a long time, she had then found out about his family

    She didn't particularly feel anything about this. After all, she had met many wealthy people in the racing arena who had been either millionaires or billionaires. Other than gifted racers and people with unique talent, everyone else who dabbled in racing came from either a wealthy or an influential background.

    Some time later, Lin Yan had accidentally revealed the identity of Han Yixuan's family to Lin Shuya.

    From then on, Lin Shuya had begun to harbor thoughts about Han Yixuan...

    Lin Shuya had discovered Han Yixuan's background long ago, yet Han Yixuan claimed that Lin Shuya really loved him and not his money...

    Lin Shuya had also said that she had only discovered Han Yixuan's identity after reading the news...

    Lin Yan had merely scoffed in response.

    Feng Anhua consoled Lin Yan briefly before he fluttered off to shower the rest of the celebrities with attention.

    Pei Nanxu, who saw that Lin Yan had arrived safely, was about to speak when his phone rang. His Big Brother was calling him, so he quickly left to pick up the call.

    Lin Yan studied the seating arrangement and sat down on an inconspicuous seat.

    She had finally settled down safely when something struck her hard.

    Sh*t! She had forgotten to answer Pei Yucheng's message!

    Lin Yan whipped out her phone in a fluster and eyed the text he had sent her again. 'Miss Lin, I've fallen ill because I miss you.' Her cheeks turned crimson once more.
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