318 Come Here

    Lin Yan stood outside the storeroom and swallowed her saliva nervously.

    Would a group of haters be waiting there to bash her up?

    She couldn't be blamed for letting her thoughts run wild. Pei Nanxu had asked her to come to this place, which was really weird...

    Lin Yan shook her head to get rid of those nonsensical thoughts. She had confirmed this with Pei Nanxu earlier on, so this had to be an important matter.

    She hastily took another step and gingerly pushed the door a little.

    The door was covered by a layer of dust and rust. Lin Yan had merely pushed it gently, yet the door opened, creating a gap.

    She exerted more strength and the door swung open.

    She strode in carefully.

    The lights weren't switched on, so it was rather dark inside. There was a tiny window at the top of a wall that allowed some light to enter. She could vaguely make out the furniture in the messy room. Everything was covered in dust and cobwebs, as though it had been abandoned for a long time.

    Lin Yan was still thinking about Pei Nanxu when, suddenly, a tiny red light appeared in the middle of the dim room and flickered brightly.

    After Lin Yan got accustomed to the dimness of the room, she realized that the red light came from a lit cigarette.

    In a dark corner was a towering figure who was standing next to a tall cupboard.

    The night breeze blew away the clouds, and more moonlight streamed in through that tiny window.

    The man was wearing a long jacket, and his head was bowed. He was holding a cigarette in his hand as he gazed at the ground quietly.

    When he heard Lin Yan's footsteps, the man turned his head to look at her.

    The smoke of the cigarette shrouded him. However, even though she couldn't quite make out his features, she had recognized him.

    Pei Yucheng...

    The man's eyes seemed even darker and more intense than the night.

    There was complete silence in the abandoned storeroom. The man's figure in the moonlight was so enticing that it made her heart palpitate.

    As Lin Yan stood rooted to the spot, the man's hoarse voice was heard.

    "Come here."

    The night breeze blew the clouds away completely.

    Lin Yan could clearly see the man's face now.

    He looked quite exhausted and travel-worn in his jacket. As he glanced at her calmly, his voice made her turn rigid.

    Lin Yan blinked and instinctively walked towards the man. Surprise was etched on her face as she said, "Mr. Pei? It's really you? I was wondering why your brother would ask me to come here..."

    An assortment of objects cluttered her pathway, so she had to avoid them carefully. She was about three steps away from Pei Yucheng now.

    "Mr. Pei, I thought you were supposed to come back next week? Why did you come back so abruptly? And..."

    She was interrupted mid-sentence as she felt his hands tightening around her waist. The rest of her words were lost in her throat.

    The man remained cold and aloof as he watched the girl in front of him. He discarded his cigarette and stamped on it to snuff it out.

    As if he couldn't wait for Lin Yan to walk over to him, he extended his long hand and pull her into his embrace...
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