320 I Couldnt Bear to

    Lin Yan instinctively nodded in response.

    Pei Yucheng's attitude and way of handling matters were contradicting. She couldn't fathom him at all.

    After she had discovered who Pei Yucheng really was, she had really thought that he would do something like that. Hence, she couldn't understand why he hadn't.

    "Actually... I really can't comprehend..." Lin Yan answered honestly.

    In the darkness, the man watched her quietly and replied, "I couldn't bear to."

    He couldn't bear to...

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    As his words echoed in her mind, Lin Yan felt as though something had hit her heart. The paralyzing feeling in her heart slowly spread to her body and limbs.

    She had sinned...

    She had randomly brought up a topic to calm her nerves. Why had this resulted in this spike of emotions instead?

    Lin Yan's mind had gone haywire completely. Who was she to Pei Yucheng exactly?

    He was... as mysterious as fog and as unfathomable as the wind...

    Lin Yan scratched her head awkwardly, unable to respond. "This... This place... Did you ask your brother to find it?"

    Pei Yucheng grunted in response.

    Lin Yan coughed. "It's quite safe indeed..."

    Pei Nanxu, an award-winning actor, had to search for a suitable place for a rendezvous.

    Only Pei Yucheng could make Pei Nanxu do something like that.

    Lin Yan gazed at Pei Yucheng as her eyes swirled with complex emotions.

    He had expressed his wish to control her, yet he was being very considerate and accommodating...

    "You came back earlier than planned. Have you finished your work?" asked Lin Yan casually.

    "I don't have to attend to the remaining matters personally," answered Pei Yucheng.

    Lin Yan replied, "Oh... I completed all my scenes today."

    Pei Yucheng replied, "I know."

    Huh? He knew? Pei Nanxu must have informed him...

    They were having a casual conversation in this dim, abandoned room.

    Lin Yan sized up their surroundings, which were filled with litter. However, the man next to her looked as though he was a God who had descended from above. That feeling was surreal.

    She had planned to try to explain to Pei Yucheng once more.

    However, after talking to Pei Yutang and learning about Pei Yucheng's health, she had abandoned that thought.


    Lin Yan glanced at Pei Yucheng's watch.

    That watch was still beeping, even though it was slowing down. It had yet to stop, so Lin Yan didn't dare do anything rash.

    She coughed gently and continued speaking casually. "Oh yeah, I have a good friend who has been confiding in me lately. She has gotten together with her boyfriend, but it's not because she likes him. Something happened and she had to go along with the flow. Now, she is feeling conflicted because she has no idea if she should tell him the truth..."

    Pei Yucheng gazed quietly at the girl with a solemn expression. She couldn't read his thoughts at all.

    "Mr. Pei, what do you think of this?" Lin Yan probed cautiously.

    Silence hung in the air as the two of them looked at each other.

    After some time, the man's deep, hoarse voice answered her. "The difference between adapting to the circumstances and experiencing a lifelong romance is that adapting to the circumstances takes longer."
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