322 I Cant Stay Calm! Impossible!

    In the meantime, in the private room...

    Dinner was about to begin, but Lin Yan was nowhere in sight.

    Jiang Sifei and the rest of the actresses were exchanging veiled criticism.

    "Why is one person missing?"

    "I think it's Lin Yan!"

    "A D-list actress putting on such an air. Is she expecting all of us to wait for her?"

    Feng Anhua looked displeased too. "Yeah, where is Lin Yan? She was here just now. Why did she suddenly disappear?"

    Pei Nanxu answered warmly, "I just saw her going to the ladies' room. She should be here soon. Let's not harp on this and get started first."

    Everyone quietened down when Pei Nanxu spoke.

    Why did they feel like Pei Nanxu took special care of Lin Yan?

    However, Pei Nanxu was nice to everyone. Hence, they didn't dwell too much on this...

    Only Shen Chaomu surveyed Pei Nanxu quietly as he stroked his chin.

    Why did he have a nagging feeling that something was amiss... between Lin Yan and Pei Nanxu?

    After Pei Nanxu spoke, he took out his phone to text Pei Yucheng. However, there was no response.

    He had to call Lin Yan to remind her of the time.

    However, Lin Yan's phone had been turned off...

    Pei Nanxu stared at the phone, looking troubled.

    It wasn't a good idea for Lin Yan to go missing for so long. It wouldn't be long before someone suspected something.


    At the same time, in the dimly-lit storeroom...

    Lin Yan felt warmth coursing from the man's palm to her hand. The man was gazing at her intensely, his gaze so scorching that she didn't dare meet his eyes.

    A second later, Pei Yucheng raised his other hand and pulled the girl so close to him that he could feel her breath on him.

    A light kiss landed gingerly on the girl's forehead.

    Then, another kiss followed, landing on the girl's lips...

    Lin Yan widened her eyes in a panic.

    While she became flustered, Pei Yucheng took her hand and pressed it against his chest, where his heart was.

    When Lin Yan's fingers touched his heart, she froze with shock immediately...

    Every time Pei Yucheng tried to seduce her, her mind would go blank and her emotions would undergo an upheaval. Her heart would race crazily, while Pei Yucheng remained stoic and composed. He would always act like an outsider, restrained and nonchalant.

    How could Pei Yucheng blame Lin Yan for assuming that he was merely having a fling with her?

    At the moment, because of Pei Yucheng's action, Lin Yan could clearly feel his heart beating violently against his chest...

    It was like a drum hitting her palm directly...

    The man's palm, which had been slightly chilly, turned warm...

    This... was definitely not the sign of a man being calm...

    An incredulous thought appeared in Lin Yan's mind...

    "Miss Lin..."

    The man's lips left hers, but he continued to press her hand against his chest. His hoarse, alluring voice mingled with a hint of helplessness as he said softly, "What kind of a misunderstanding led you to assume that I'm calm and... restrained around you?"

    Lin Yan felt like a bullet train that had exceeded the speed limit and was in danger of crashing out of the railway track.

    The feeling of Pei Yucheng's heartbeat lingered on her palm after merely a few seconds of touch. That had definitely felt real.

    Was this reality?

    Pei Yucheng had incredibly...

    Had he gone blind?
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