323 Who Had Sworn to Focus On Her Career?

    His heart was still beating rapidly and forcefully against her hand, contrasting vastly with the man's usual calmness...

    Lin Yan stood there blankly in shock...

    Her mind felt as though it had been mashed up into a messy pile.

    The alarm, which had originally been beeping, suddenly stopped abruptly.

    Knock, knock, knock.

    Suddenly, someone knocked softly on the door.

    Lin Yan jumped and turned warily toward the door.


    Why would anyone be at such a secluded place?

    Lin Yan was still reeling from shock when a familiar voice jolted her back to reality. "Big Brother, Big Sister-In-Law..."

    "Mr. Pei?"

    Lin Yan heaved a huge sigh of relief when she heard Pei Nanxu's voice and hurriedly opened the storeroom door.

    "Mr. Pei, why are you here?" asked Lin Yan.

    Pei Nanxu glanced at Lin Yan first before turning to his brother.

    Their hands were still interlinked...

    Pei Nanxu glanced at his brother, looking conflicted and awkward.

    He had no wish to interrupt them, but Big Brother had also commanded that nothing should affect Lin Yan's work!

    Pei Nanxu had to explain. "Big Sister-In-Law, dinner just started. If you disappear for so long, someone might find out. I called both of you, but no one picked up. I couldn't let a third person know, so I had to come personally..."

    Lin Yan instinctively took a look at her phone. Her phone's battery had died.

    She was incredibly touched when she heard Pei Nanxu.

    What a terrific, wonderful brother-in-law!

    How considerate he was!

    Her beloved idol was practically an angel!

    "Sorry, sorry, I will come back now..." Lin Yan answered hurriedly before she turned to Pei Yucheng. "Mr. Pei, I need to go first..."

    She had merely met her boyfriend. Why did it seem as though she was an adulteress?

    The worst part was that she had to trouble her beloved idol, who was the top actor in the entertainment industry, to cover for her...

    On the other hand, she was glad that Pei Nanxu had appeared to ease the awkwardness.

    Lin Yan got ready to walk away after she spoke to Pei Yucheng.

    However, when she took a step, she couldn't move anymore.

    A second later, she bowed her head. She realized that her hand was still held by Pei Yucheng, who hadn't relinquished his grip.

    "Errr..." Lin Yan spun her head stiffly as she glanced at the man.

    His face was hidden in the shadows, so she couldn't see his expression clearly. However, Lin Yan could still sense the gloom emitted from him.

    The watch, which had finally stopped beeping, began to ring shrilly once more.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    Pei Nanxu coughed gently and tactfully departed first.

    She was obviously in a normal relationship, yet Pei Yucheng had been forced to meet her in secret. After meeting up with him, she had to leave soon.

    Lin Yan studied the man's expression. He looked travel-worn as he stood quietly in this tiny, dim room. For some reason, her heart softened...

    "Or... Shall I make up an excuse for my absence?"

    Lin Yan berated and despised herself the moment the words left her mouth.

    Who had sworn to focus on her career and ignore beauty?
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