325 Her Boyfriends Real Identity

    "You... and Pei Nanxu... The two of you..."

    Had he just discovered a shocking secret?

    He had been joking and teasing Lin Yan earlier on about her boyfriend in the car.

    He had mentioned everyone in the car while taking a guess... and forgotten about... Pei Nanxu.

    Lin Yan and Pei Nanxu? They were worlds apart... How was this possible?

    Lin Yan was completely dumbfounded. They had been so careful, yet they had still bumped into someone.

    The person in question was none other than Shen Chaomu, one of her rumored boyfriends!

    She had been seen alone with Pei Nanxu in a secluded place. How would she be able to come up with an excuse?

    She and Pei Nanxu had planned to enter the private room separately. Who knew that Shen Chaomu would disrupt their plan?

    Why would this fellow loiter around this dark staircase instead of staying in the private room?

    Pei Nanxu frowned, looking solemn and grave.

    "Why are you here instead of having dinner?" Lin Yan was speechless.

    Shen Chaomu answered with a slightly blank look on his face, "It's too stuffy in the room, so I came out to take a puff. The two... of you..."

    Lin Yan stroked her chin and said gloomily, "If I said that... we came out to take a breather, would you believe me?"

    Shen Chaomu snorted. "Do you think I would?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    He certainly didn't look like he would believe her...

    Shen Chaomu stared intently at Lin Yan before he erupted. "What the... Oh my god! Lin Yan! Your boyfriend is Pei Nanxu?"

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Although he had gotten it wrong, his answer was close to the correct one.

    Shen Chaomu looked as though his world had been turned upside down. "Impossible! How could it be? You... Lin Yan and Pei Nanxu? How could you two end up together?"

    Lin Yan narrowed her eyes. "What's wrong? Do you have to look so shocked?"

    Why was it so unbelievable that she might be with Pei Nanxu?

    How inexperienced he was!

    He had been so shocked to know that Pei Nanxu was her boyfriend. If he knew about her real boyfriend, would he faint?

    "Why shouldn't I be shocked?" Shen Chaomu exclaimed agitatedly, "If your relationship with Pei Nanxu is exposed, the entire entertainment industry will erupt!"

    Lin Yan pursed her lips, silently agreeing with him...

    Unbeknownst to him, the truth was even more explosive...

    Meanwhile, Pei Nanxu could only explain tactfully, "Mr. Shen, this is a misunderstanding. It's not what you think..."

    Lin Yan chimed in, "Who told you that I'm dating Pei Nanxu?"

    Shen Chaomu cut across Lin Yan before she could finish her sentence. He nodded vigorously as he used his fingers to seal his mouth. "I understand! I totally do! Don't worry, I can keep a secret! I won't reveal a single word!"

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched...

    "Sorry to disturb you both... Please continue..."

    Shen Chaomu fled as quickly as a bunny as soon as these words left his mouth.

    Pei Nanxu sighed heavily before he gave Lin Yan a forced smile. How would they be able to explain?

    "What should we do?" Lin Yan was close to tears.

    Pei Nanxu comforted her gently. "I'm afraid that even if we tried to explain, it would be hard. Fortunately, Shen Chaomu is quite a decent guy, despite his numerous flings. I don't think he is a blabbermouth. I will warn him not to spread any rumors either."

    "I guess that's the only thing we can do..."

    Lin Yan could only console herself by thinking that he hadn't bumped into her and Pei Yucheng...
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